"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Katya's First Christmas In America

Our Christmas 2011 was pretty quiet and simple. By choice, and by necessity. We knew Katya would likely be overwhelmed if we went in for anything big or splashy, and of course after completing an international adoption in this economy, and addressing Katya's medical needs, there wasn't a lot of "splash" available anyway. There were simple gifts, and thanks to an extremely kind blog reader, we had a lovely meal!

Even though the day started out with several of us very weary after being up with Katya in the night when she had an ear ache, and Katya herself started out the day being pretty tired and tame from it,
 it was a peaceful and happy day for us. Katya was very cuddly and enjoyed being held.

 We loved watching Katya's amazement that there was not only one package for her, but MORE packages! After she had opened several items (since she was getting gifts from siblings as well as from us) she became obviously overwhelmed--and maybe even disgusted--and went to enjoy what she had already gotten!
See the puzzle in the photo above?? She flipped all the pieces bottom side up, and proceeded to put it together that way--all brown showing! Umm, I would not have wanted to do that! I think she must enjoy a challenge, because she certainly knows how to put puzzles together right side up--and normally does it that way!

Katya opening her present from Kristina.

And the scarf from Todd. How he did it--because he says he did NOT try to do it--but he gave each one of us a perfect scarf! In Kayta's case, it perfectly went with her blue eyes and blond hair and the outfit that she had on that day!

We laughingly called her "Mary".

In the late afternoon Paul went to pick up a friend of ours who does not have the opportunity to spend holidays with family. He has become like family to us and enjoys sharing holiday meals with us. Charity and I like cooking when he is coming because he is such an appreciative guest and consumes our food with gusto.

Katya's lack of sleep due to the ear ache was catching up with her, but she revived enough to eat her first Christmas dinner cheerfully. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, cranbery sauce, a vegetable, gravy, cranberry nut salad and dessert. We had planned to do a few more dishes but after being up in the night with Katya, we were too sleepy to get done what we had planned and took a nap instead!

After supper and a early bathtime and bedtime for the tired little Miss Katya, Paul helped Chad put together his Lego set.

I will try to blog about Katya's 7th birthday soon.

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