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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reporting on Pneumonia

The school called me Monday about 2:45 pm, asking me to come and get Katya immediately because she was running a fever of 100.6. I grabbed the car keys and ran, calling Paul on the way there to alert him. Based on the time Katya had strep throat, I knew that this could signal the start of a mini-crisis and I wanted to give him a heads up.

When I arrived at the school and heard the rest of what they had to say and saw how listless she was, I headed with her for the car, calling the Drs office. They said to bring her in right away. So Paul met me at the house, and I ran in to alert the children. Gave Charity some fast instructions for supper and then ran back out to the van. Due to a major road being "out" on the way to our family Doctor we have a detour that snakes along and turns what is normally a 20 minute trip to his office into a good 30 minute trip.

As we were sitting in the waiting room waiting to be seen, Katya's little face kept getting more and more pink, and I began to feel very warm from the heat just radiating off her body as I was holding her in my arms. She was very listless, and I felt like I could see her just deteriorating as I was holding her. So when they got us back to a room and took her temp it didn't really surprise me when they said it was 104.  (For those of you curious about the time span--it was about 1.5 hours from the time the school took her temp till they did at the Drs office.)

The Dr. was very concerned about her, but couldn't figure out exactly what was wrong. He said she could have an infection related to her recent surgery. She could have pnuemonia but he couldn't hear any thing in her lungs--however, he did admit that she could be dehydrated, and that could prevent him from hearing the sounds.  (Katya dehydrates easily because she was never allowed to really learn to listen to her body signals in the orphanage, and because fluids were so limited and scheduled, she has a hard time knowing when and how much she should really drink).

So after some discussion back and forth and a thorough exam of all her body, he decided to go with a antibiotic shot and Tylenol in the office, and he let us take Katya home with orders to take her to the ER if she got any worse.

By the next day she was obviously feeling some better although still sick with a low grade temp. We took her back in for another check-up and this time, with her bettery hydrated, he could easily hear the noisy crackle that signals pnemonia, especially in her right lung. He told us then that he'd been within a hairs breadth of admitting her to the hospital the night before because he was so concerned about her. I'm thankful we were able to dodge that bullet!

I hate that she's on antibiotics again for the third time in less than 6 months (once for her strep throat, once for her ICP surgery due to the monitor running into her brain, and now for the pnuemonia). However, on my list of "things I will allow antibiotics for" are those things . . .  I am not a big fan of popping antibiotics for every little thing, but those are serious issues. And I have first-hand knowledge of how very, very ill people with strep and pnuemonia can get without antibiotics.

I'm not an expert, but I really wonder if having general anethesia so recently didn't perhaps make her more susceptible to pnuemonia? Also, the fact that she doesn't spend a lot of time screaming anymore, and Katya doesn't talk or sing (yet--please, God willing!) means her lungs are not getting the normal work-out that a typical person's do, leaving her likely at more risk for lung related issues.

Katya is out of school until next week. It also sounds from a little reading that I have done that this round of pnuemonia has probably pushed off her reconstructive surgery for at least 6 more weeks. I am choosing to try to trust God's timing and purposes . . . and to allow God's JOY to fill my heart and spill into our home.


nicole said...

two of my kiddies after haveing surgery for something that required general anesthesia came down with pheumonia..I tend to believe its just one of those bugs they tend to pick up while in the hospital..bigg huggs katya

Home is Where the heart is said...

Praying for Katya!
God bless,