"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Few Fun Tidbits

* Katya seems to have recovered fairly well from the pnuemonia though she still has a slight cough that we have to keep an eye on.

* Having come home in size 3T clothing that BADLY bagged and sagged on her due to her utter lack of body fat, I'm so extremely happy to tell you that less than 6 months later Katya is now wearing size 5's and some 6's! Especially for her tops, she's outgrowing the 5s and is needing 6's.

* We are happy to report that Katya is continuing to progress in terms of obviously understanding more English, adding new ASL signs to her vocabulary, and making new letter sounds with her mouth. She obviously does struggle with many sounds and hasn't been able to make them successfully yet. We will continue to try. I'm so not ready to give up on her learning to speak! I continue to dream that she DOES speak and the wonder and joy that fill me in the dreams give me courage to keep on working with this situation while also continuing to add to her ASL knowledge.

* I really wonder what Katya will do with Christmas?? We will be having a pretty quiet and super-simple Christmas but I am looking forward to seeing what she does with her presents. We have a new Lauri puzzle for her and a giant coloring book of Winnie the Pooh. Just wish I could have found a Curious George one for her as that seems so far to be her favorite childhoold character. Ah well . . .

* This isn't so fun but it's important--Katya is now starting to grieve if the others leave and she needs to stay at home. It's not nearly always appropriate to take her to different functions due to her level of behavior, or her needing to get to bed on time so she has enough sleep to be rested for school the next day. We have never been able to get her to take a nap so cutting the night short doesn't allow her to function properly at school  Hence, we try hard to keep her on her school sleep schedule for school days. When Katya needs to stay home either with one of us or a baby sitter, she will weep quietly when she realizes that the rest have left. She will often not be consoled till the departed ones return . . . I'm going to think that it's a healthy developmental stage, much like a young baby goes through a stage where they become keenly aware of their separation from Mommy and often, Daddy! While it's hard to watch her grieving, I think it's great that she is wishing to be with the others. We know that if say just Paul and I leave and she's home with the rest of the kids she doesn't seem to mind nearly as much as if everyone leaves but her and the person caring for her. She seems to like having more people from our family around than that.

* This observation is also similar to the one above: When the SW came out a few weeks ago to make our THIRD post-placement report, Katya quickly become wary and unhappy. She clearly recognized that something was up and tried hard to avoid and ignore the stranger with the clip board. When the SW began telling us "Good-bye" and we becan repeating that back to her, Katya ran off and hid. When found by Charity, she was obviously stressed. Charity began talking soothingly to her about how she was soon going to take a bath and get her jammies and go to bed HERE at HER home and how the lady would leave but Katya would stay with Mommy and Daddy. . . Katya soon relaxed and was willing to come out of hiding. So I'm really glad to see positive signs that show she's WANTING to be with us even while I'm grieving for Katya that her little world is such a fearful place . . .


Carolyn said...

Hope Anne,

I am glad to hear that Katya is getting over her pneumonia! I hope everyone else is doing well.

Do you have a PayPal account? I would like to send your family a small Christmas gift. Please let me know the best way.

In Christ,

Hope Anne said...

Carolyn, our paypal address is: phdfam@gmail.com

You didn't have to do that! What a surprise--thank you! ;-)

Nanci said...

It is so very good to hear of Katya's growth, both in physical terms and in terms of her relationship to the rest of her family. It is very hard for me to think that six months have passed since she arrived home. I praise the Lord for her progress and for your great love for her.

May you have
a blessed Christmastide,

Nanci and family

Kristyn said...

We met you at the Children's House in November while our son was in the PICU after undergoing open heart surgery.

I just wanted to say that I have been following your blog and I am so glad that Katy's is doing so well. From my family to yours -- Merry Christmas and many prayers and wishes into the New Year.

THE Reed Family <3

Kristyn said...

Katya* sorry on my phone and it didn't recognize Katya*

Milena said...

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!