"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I'm happy to report that I finally have access to a fully functional computer again that I can use for blogging, not just my IPAD. And guess why that is?! Kaya got OUT of the hospital--in time to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with us at The Children's House! It was a good dinner--prepared by caring volunteers who came in early this a.m. and made a full course Thanksgiving Meal!

I am really weary, and also feel like I'm still processing a lot of information and emotions. And praying already for guidance for the decisions that are ahead of us and the Doctors.

In a nutshell, it looks like Katya will probably be having cranial reconstruction surgery. Possibly fairly soon. However, I have been told several different things from several different Doctors, and Paul and I have some serious questions to ask Dr. Carson due to that, before we give the final go-ahead for this very risky surgery. We feel that if we are going to say, "Yes-put our Daughter's life at risk!"  we need to have a clear understanding of exactly what is going on. And since we were told by one Dr. that she needed surgery due to  high inter-cranial levels, and then were told by another that her levels were "all in the normal range" and she doesn't need surgery . . . WELL! You can see why we want some clarification here. I cross checked the "no surgery" Dr. on the ICP levels and what he said Katya's were fit with my own personal observations on her monitor. So I'm a bit confused, and for my own peace of mind, I need that clear understanding. Paul wants it too.

Whatever happens to Katya if we decide to go ahead with surgery, we HAVE to know that we made the best and wisest possible decision for her, based on all the info and understanding we have currently. So we are asking for prayers for wisdom for us and for Dr Carson.
On a very, very happy note, Katya was a model ICU patient, and we clearly saw God's hand in how extremely well she did! Everyone was pleasantly shocked and pleased!!! I hope to blog more about that later!


Hevel said...

Talk to Dr C. about why he thinks there is need for suergery... and why his colleague thinks that the pressure is normal. One thing could be that the latter doctor is not a pediatric specialist, or, he is not aware of Katya's hitory.

Praying for you.

Carolyn said...

Praying for Katya; thanking God for her new loving family~