"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nothing to Be Done

Today was another disheartening day. Katya saw the orthopedic dr. for the issues with her elbowS. Yes, that's right--both elbows have something obviously wrong with them and she has limited range of motion in both arms.

After carefully examining her, and then getting X-rays done and him studying them carefully, Dr. A. said that Katya was more than likely born with this condition. He said you sometimes see it in cases of abuse or an accident, but typically that would only be one elbow. So he was calling it a congenital issues--and the offiical Dx is "Congenital Dislocation". Dr. A. stated that surgery will not help, and that PT to try to increase her range of motion is contra-indicated. However, she can have OT/PT to try to help her find ways to adapt and compensate.

Needless to say, having this blow on top of the one about her eyes has left us reeling a bit emotionally. We want all the best for our dear sweet girlie and to have one blow after another heaped on her just doesn't seem fair . . . why should one kiddoe have so many strikes against her?

The good news in all of this I think though is that she is with us . . . and we will do every thing in our power to help her and to help her lead as typical a life as possible . . . even though she can't sign some signs "properly" due to limited range of motion, we will help her learn to adapt signs. Even though she can't zip or unzip herself, we can find clothing that doesnt' need zippers or help her if she has a zipper with cheerful hearts. We will expect lots from her, but not expect the impossible.

On a more cheerful note, the heart of Dr. A. was touched and moved as he learned bits and pieces of Katya's story and watched her interacting with us and moving around his office. When he left he said that Katya had certainly made his day and put a smile in his heart, and that he is so happy to have played a small part in her life. I know he meant it, as later when we were waiting for the final paperwork, I heard him talking down the hall to one of his nurses or techs about how "she certainly made my day--put a smile on my face!"  Yes, our little gal seems to have that effect on people! When they hear a bit of her story and watch her . . . I often see their eyes become shiny with tears, or their face gets soft and their heart touched. Sometimes I say that to know Katya is to love her . . . and I think there is a lot of truth to that.

Last week on Friday Kristina had a friend over here playing doll with her. I don't know if that is what prompted Katya's sudden interest in playing with a doll later in the evening or not, but I wouldn't be surprised! She played with one doll, and then the next for quite awhile that evening, even taking the dolly over to play the piano!

Katya was ready for bed and in her PJ's . . note how lovely her hair is becoming compared to at first!

Trying to get dolly's sleeve to stay up so she could play right!

It was so fun to watch her enjoying PLAYING something that was so just like any little six year old girl might do!
Thursday is Katya's MRI. Please be in prayer for her and ask anyone who might be willing to pray for her to pray too. Pray for peace for Katya, peace for us, and for us all to be able to cope with whatever the MRI shows or does not show  . . . pray for Dr. Carson to have God's wisdom as he tries to plot the next step in this journey for Katya.


FaerieMama said...

I think of Katya often. her face is so sweet. I'll be praying about the MRI. What time is it at, so I can also pray as its happening?

Leanne said...

Jer. 29:11

Sorry for the frustrating news. Hugs to you momma, I know that's not what you wanted to hear... BUT... as I pulled up the blog, I again saw Dr. Carson's quote on Katya, and it reminded me of Jeremiah 29:11. The Lord has a plan for her :)! She looks SO good by the way!