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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Katya's BIG DAY

After a very restless night at a friend's house, with Katya thrashing and falling partially off the cot (repeatedly) on one side of me, and Paul not sleeping well and doing a lot of thrashing on the other side of me in the bed, I finally fell into a very deep sleep (on the floor so I could keep pushing Katya back into her bed) right before 6:30 a.m. Not worried about the alarm going off, to wake us, since Paul had assured me he'd set it, I was started to have someone bending over me whispering that it was 7:00 a.m. and hadn't we wanted to be leaving the house by then?!

Thankfully, since our alarm did not go off, we were bailed out of what would have been a big bad problem by our hosts! We had been figuring on a 7:00 a.m. departure time giving us way plenty of time to arrive at the hospital--so even though we left the house at 7:20 a.m. (with Paul unshaven) we still got to Katya's appointment with about 15 minutes to spare! Thankfully we had good friends who functioned as our alarm when they realized that we weren't stirring.

I liked the staff I had to relate to in radiology again very much, just as I did when we were at the same place for Katya's CT scan. I found them very caring, very thorough and gentle with Katya. They were able to get the IV placed on the first try without any digging and Katya only cried a little bit right during the placement of the IV, and then again when the meds first started through she cried some due to the stinging. I was able to hold her in my arms and whisper and hum to her, and she soon went to sleep. Since it turned out that Dr. Carson had ordered an MRI of her brain as well as her spine, the procedure was anticipated to take around 1.5 hours. I decided to go wait the time out with Paul in the quiet of the cafeteria instead of in the MRI room with the noise of the MRI machine for that long of stretch of time. I'm well aware of how noisy the MRI machine is after sitting through it three times with another child of ours. Since that child was awake, it made more sense for me to stay as a reasurrance to them. With Katya, she was asleep, so after reassurances from the staff that they would DEFINITELY call me before she started to wake up, I left to do some self-care in the form of a bathroom break, and some food and water.

As it turned out, Katya's proceudre ended up taking almost an hour longer than anticpated, as she had some complications, so those last 45 minutes were really dragging and kind of made us feel a bit nervous as no one was telling us anything. I finally did go ask if they could call back and find out and they came back with a report that it would be around another 20 minutes--that there had been some complications but she was doing fine now.

The nurses were as good as their word and I was taken back to recovery while Katya was still soundly OUT. So she got to be woken up by Mommy (even then it took awhile till she was awake enough to notice I was there) and I got to be the one to try to coax sips of juice and to help her get some Goldfish crackers.

Turns out that Katya had ended up not staying sedated nearly as nice as they had thought she would. She "fought" the sedation and they had to keep redosing and finally had to add  an additional drug to the one they had started her out on to get her to stay out deep enough to get the MRI's done. Then due to her deep level of sedation, her airways were so relaxed that she kept having all the mucous from her allergies drain down her throat and make her keep coughing which messed up the MRI images, which meant they had to keep re-doing segments. I'd told the staff prior to sedation that I'd made the call the night before to give her the usual allergy meds she takes and so I hoped it wasn't a problem but I hadn't thought that having her allergies running rampant was going to be a good thing for them with anethesia. They assured me I'd made the right call--and when she was in recovery, they brought it up and said that they were sure thankful I'd done that as they wouldn't have wanted to see how it was if she hadn't had her meds! The staff ended up having to suction her lungs (poor baby) but all seemed to be well by the time they finally let her out..

Katya was wobbly and uncordinated for about 2 hours after we were discharged but they had warned us to expect that. She seemed perfectly fine (just very sleepy) by the time we put her to bed tonight, and was giggly and playful.

Some interesting things yet from the day: The staff commented several times about how surprised they were to learn that Katya had only been with us since the end of June. "She seems so very comfortable with you!" Yes, I would say her attachment is coming along nicely  . . . I've really noticed since Katya had strep throat that she is much more concerned that I be the one holding her etc. She used to obviously prefer Daddy to Mommy, and was just about equally fine with with Daddy, Charity or Mommy taking care of her. Now she obviously shows a preference for me. I'm supposing it's a healthy developmental stage at this point in Katya's life and we are happy to see that she knows Mommy is her big advocate and protector. ;-)

Katya touched Charity's arm in the car today when she wanted to get her attention that she wanted more of the snack bits Charity had been handing out to her and Chad! That is SOOO exciting to us, as she used to not seem to have any concept that a touch could direct our attention (eyes) to her so she could sign! ;-) That's a FABULOUS sign of progress! YAY! I can only seem more and more communication ahead of us!

And  . . . tonight, just being a bit goofy, I said, "Katya, you will need to brush your 'toofers' "  She turned, headed right to the bathroom and got her tooth brush and paste out! Now she's only been home since the end of June, and I didn't even know she knew what we meant if we said to brush her teeth, let alone using 'toofers' on her which is NOT what we usually say! I wish so much we knew how much English she actually understood, but it's obvious with each passing day that she really does understand more and more!

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for Katya and our family . . . we will be eagerly waiting to hear what Dr. Carson and Dr. A, Katya's orthopedic Dr., say about the MRI's. Hopefully this time the news will be something that gives us hope . . .

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FaerieMama said...

I thought about her all day yesterday. sO glad it went well! Still thinking of her and praying. THere is just something about your little girl that steals my heart:)