"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And Now For an MRI

The decision has been made by Dr. Carson to have Katya get an MRI of her entire spine, due to the continuing foot-dragging and clumsy walking. Long gone are the days when we used to comment on her graceful walking and running. Now, it all looks ackward and clumsy. Poor Katya!

Dr Carson  wants to make sure that even though the gait issues started happening in conjunction with her head bulging as her brain grew, that it's not connected to anything going wrong with her spine that we aren't aware of. He said he would hate to rush Katya into surgery for her head only to discover that she still had gait issues after surgery--that were caused by something else! We agree, and feel that the MRI is a very sensible course of action, even though it means GA (general anethesia) for our wee girlie, and that is scary with her relatively uknown medical history.

We are going to choose to commit her (again) into God's hands and proceed with faith, knowing that God has kept His hand over Katya in amazing ways from the day she was conceived. We will try to update once we have a definite date and time, but it's looking like it will be either the 24th of this month or the 27th.

Next Monday we also have a very important eye appointment--that one will be to hopefully determine whether or not glasses will help improve Katya's vision (I fully expect that she WILL need them) and if so, what prescription! I feel very hopeful and excited about this appointment as Katya LOVES to have Charity's glasses put on her. Her little face lights up with alertness and joy, and she will guard the glasses with her hands so no one tries to take them back too soon, as she looks intently and eagerly around. The way her entire face, eyes and body change each time she has the glasses on, I would be SERIOUSLY shocked if glasses aren't in her best interests!

After the bout with strep throat, Katya was still pretty wiped out and had little appetite for days. But in the last few days, her appetite has come back with a vengeance and we laugh at how she tucks into food again! She's actually getting a little extra tummy, and we love it!! She's still so scrawny else where on her body (even though she is MUCH improved from her starved condition just a little over 3 months ago!) that we will continue to let her eat all she pleases of good, healthy food. We were able to pack away all her size 3T clothes a few weeks ago, and most of her size 4T. She's now wearing mostly 5T and a few smaller 6 items. (If anyone is interested in her gently worn size 3T and 4T clothing, let me know--I'll be happy to sell it to you!)

Other happy and exciting things: Katya is now initiating using a handful of signs to communicate her needs. She can and does sign "toliet", "thirsty" "more", "yes" and shakes her head for "no". She also has a few food signs she tries to use, but so far she hasn't figured out that they are specific to an exact food, and she will trot them out and use them whenever she sees a food she wants! However, at least she IS communicating, and we are SO thrilled! It's also been QUITE helpful in reducing her screaming at least 75% and I now feel as if my nerves are recovering to a long extent! (When you again and again and again have unexpected ear-piercing screaming day after day, week after week, it does something really wierd to your nerves . . . at least, it did to mine . . . )

And best of all??? Katya started making the "s" and "t" letter sounds--IN HER SLEEP! ;-) Since she sleeps with Charity and Kristina, Charity alerted us to that important fact, and we and then the school, once we informed them, set about to work with her while she was awake to try to see if we could elicit them in her waking hours! I'm so extremely proud and thankful to tell you that Katya can and does make those sounds--and in addition, she is now making the "m" and "f" sounds! Everyone is feeling much more hopeful that this could be the very EARLY start towards speech . . . who knows, but it's certainly an encouraging sign! Her favorite group care-giver would be SOOO excited and proud if she knew, I know! She kept trying to impress on us that she had worked with the same orphanage for 20 years, and that she was SURE Katya was just as smart as any other kid--she just couldn't speak so no one knew. I figured that if she had worked at the same orphanage for 20 years, she just had a pretty good handle on the situation with Katya, and it gave me a lot of hope and courage.

 Well, those of us who are working closely with Katya see so many, many changes in her each  day as she becomes more secure and knows she is a loved and wanted child! And I can only imagine how many MORE changes there will be in the next 3 months if she continues on at the pace she is going! I hope some day we can send a video to the orphanage of Katya--SPEAKING. Wouldn't that just be amazing??! ;-)


Nanci said...

We are so happy to hear of Katya's progress and continue to pray for her and for the rest of your family. I have Katya's blog button at the top of my blog page and check for new posts of her daily. The button has served also as a "reminder" to pray for all of you each time I see it.

What a joy it must have been to hear her making those first letter sounds!

We are thanking and praising the Lord for His great goodness to this little one.

Milena said...

So happy to hear about Katya's progress! Amazing!

Also hoping that the MRI will give needed answers to make the best decisions for Katya.

And she is adorable in glasses. Her reaction to Charity's glasses really sounds like she might need glasses too, and it seems she will guard them well and keep them on!

Christine said...

Ben Carson is an AMAZING doctor. She is in good hands.