"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Friday, August 26, 2011

Riding the Roller Coaster to the End--The All-Important CT Scan!

Well, we have been on a roller coaster ride since last Friday, a week ago, when Dr. Carson asked us to get a CT scan done ASAP for Katya.

I will spare you all the ups and downs--the twists and turns--and the time we thought that the whole roller coaster had mal-functioned and was about to let us sit to so speak . . .

Meanwhile, during this scary ride, Katya's head has continued to get worse with current bulges getting larger, and new bulges forming. She obviously is in discomfort at times from the way she holds her head and looks.
So hard to have such a communication barrier at times like that!

Anyway, today we got up early and set out to Akron Children's Hospital to get the CT scan done. We ended up there because they could get us in this week. Once we arrived, Katya was able to get her CT scan done *without* any sedation or general anethesia! I'm sure that was in large part to the many prayers going up on Kayta's behalf! I also want to give a real shout-out to the Akron Children's team who worked so hard to help Katya understand what was going to happen and to reassure her--including their awesome Russian interpreter, Anya!

I was able to wear a lead shield over my body and lean in to the machine with Katya with my hand on her jaw to help keep it still, as well as to let her feel my touch. I'm not happy about the amount of radiation I was potentially exposed to, but it's all in the line of duty for this Mama!

The actual CT scan was very brief and then we had to wait a bit till they could print off a CD with the pictures of Katya's head/brain for us. The precious CD has now been overnighted VIA FedEx and should be waiting for Dr. Carson on Monday a.m. promptly, unless Hurricane Irene disrupts things too much! Hopefully not.

Monday will be a new experience for us--Paul and I will be meeting with the team of professionals from the local school to discuss Katya's needs and try to draw up a plan of action for her. We continue to see signs that make us very hopeful that with adequate education and therapy Katya has a great life ahead of us. So hopefully we will find great enthusiasm and a willingness to work for Katya's best good on Monday.


Mike and Christie said...

Horray! Praying for that disk to get into Dr. Carson's hands!

Mel said...

Still praying here too Hope Ann!! So happy that answers will be coming soon. Hugs!!

Milena said...

So happy that help and answers will be coming Katya's way really soon!

Nanci said...

Rejoicing in answered prayer and praying that God will continue to pave the way that lies before Katya and your family.