"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, August 29, 2011

Learning New Things!

Katya is learning how to help fry the meat!

Scrub the potatoes

Rinse the potatoes

Peel the carrots

And keep on peeling the carrots . . .

And . . . AND . . . AND . . . Pet the cat!!!

Yes she is!!! She's still scared of him, but she's getting a LOT braver!!

Big News Too for Katya--she is going to go to SCHOOL this week for the first time! She will go for one hour on Wednesday with her Mama. I can't wait to see how she does with it! I'm sure she will be scared--so I'm very grateful that our local school's team had the good sense to invite me to stay with her the whole time. We are feeling very positive about working with them and are looking forward to seeing what all Katya will learn once she is given teaching each day. For right now, the amount of school she will be going to is limited to one hour a day, and several days a week. After about two weeks of that . . . the IEP team and we will re-convene and discuss what we want to do from there. But for now, we are trying a main-stream Kindergarten class with a teacher who taught Special Ed for 8 years before switching to the kindergarten teaching.
Paul and I feel really grateful so far for the positive interactions we have had. I'm sure as time moves on we may have our struggles at times with things--after all--we have been home-schooling for over 12 years now!--but for now, off to school Katya goes.

One More Thing--Katya is learning to play with toys!! She now will sit and play with Duplos and the Fisher Price Little People on her own some now! We are soooo excited at all the positive changes we are seeing in her in the last two weeks! YAY for progress!!!


Mike and Christie said...

This post just brought tears of joy to my eyes! What wonderful WONDERFUL progress she has made! And it hasn't been that long! AND she is having issues with her brain growing.....Simply AMAZING! YOU are one amazing MAMA in one AMAZING family! HUGS!

Hevel said...

I'm so excited for Katya! The world is opening up!

Nanci said...

Katya looks like she takes her work very seriously; such an intent look on her face. And it is indeed a brave girl that faces her fears.

We will be remembering her school days in prayer.

"He hath done great things for us!"

Milena said...

What an amazing girl she is! I'm so happy for you and for her!