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Friday, August 12, 2011

For Sale Items

One of Charity's hand made flowers. This flower is made from up-cycled poly fabric. It is made so it can be worn as a pin on a dress or blouse, fastened to your bun with a hair pin, or a bobby pin slid through the loop on the back and it put in your hair elsewhere. You provide the fastener of your choice.

$9.00 shipped to the Lower 48 states via First Class mail.

Girls and grown women both seem to love Charity's flowers . .  With a little care they will last a long time, and are a sweet way to have a special touch.

Email me at phdfam@gmail.com  if  you are interested in purchasing this pin. All proceeds go to help Charity's violin upgrade fund grow.

1 comment:

Sylvia MiaSara Truewell said...

Gorgeous flower!
Can I make a suggestion?
I think Charity should start and arts and crafts blog. She's incredibly crafty and I know I'm left wondering (particularly in this instance) "How did she make that?!?"

She's wonderful at photography too, so that would give her an opportunity to use that skill as well!
I can assure you: it's difficult to find a good arts and crafts blog, with good photos!

And plus, she could sell her work!

In addition, it's really simple to monetize a blog with AdSense ads, InfoLinks, etc. She could make a bit of income that way too! All while doing crafts that she would be doing anyways!

Plus, it's great for a college application, resume, etc.!