"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Praise Report!

We have had a lot of good things happen in the last few days! I can't share all of them here until I am home, but one very important one that I know a lot of people have been praying about with us I can share!

Photos from yesterday evening--check it out!

Quite a constrast from the miserable eyes she had on Friday  . . . and Mommy could press gently or firmly on her tummy every where and no flinching AT ALL!
That, friends is huge, as she was so protective of her tummy before we even when home for the 10 day wait, and would flinch at the lightest touch. And then came this past Friday with Katya writhing and crying when her tummy was accidentally pushed on in the course of trying to keep her safe in the car on our laps (no seat belts) and then how listless and still she got for the rest of the ride back to the orphanage, how she refused to drink her juice (which normally she greedily guzzled) and so on. I knew if she was still acting so "off" come Monday I would need to assert my rights as her Mother and check her out of the orphanage and obtain medical care for her. But it wasn't what I was wanting to have happen--for several reasons--one big one being that we could easily be here another week or more and this place is not set up for Katya and her special needs. It will be challenging enough to keep her happy and safe for just 3 or 4 days while we are completing the USA Embassy requirements and waiting to fly home!
So I'm so grateful to God for correcting whatever the problem was, even if it's a temporary correction! Would be nice if it was a permanent healing though! ;-) Thanks to all of you who have been interceding on Katya's behalf!
Also, Charity had a better night last night, in spite of us ending up needing to eat out twice yesterday.
At lunch time, the cleaning lady for the apartment showed up so we vacated the premises and walked to a nearby place to eat. The menu was entirely in cryllic with out any photos, so . . . um . . . how are we going to work this? Well, they sent us a waitress who knew some English, and she suggested a "meat soup" when I asked about soups. So meat soup and bread and water. . .  With someone practicing their vocals in an apartment above us as music for our meal.

The soup was very tasty, with plenty of tiny cubes of meat.

And we could actually download a book to our devices to read thanks to their free Wi-Fi.

The setting was extremely pleasant as it was one of the outdoor dining areas that are one of the things I so love about this city. Unlike the little tables thrown on a patio that pass for outdoor dining in my area at home, where the sun beats down on you, these dining areas are under big awnings, with window boxes full of flowers, and a nice wood floor and all the other things that make it feel elegant and comfortable.

The price was not terrible--Just over $17.00 USD for the two of us. However, when I tell you that I purchased close to a week's worth of groceries for the two of us, plus some juice boxes for Katya, for around $70 USD, and *that* included some chocolate to take home, a box of laundry soap, AND a magazine, you will quickly see why we are mostly fixing our own food and 'eating in'.

Supper was more expensive. I think honestly we were over charged. But I was tired enough by that point and distracted that I didn't catch it in time to have our friend challenge it. Umm, all I'm going to say about the price is: OUCH! Double OUCH! I'm sure what we had for lunch was a lot healthier for us and defintely WAYYY cheaper. But the uniforms on the Mc-employees here in town are neat  .  .  . way neater than in the USA! So I'm glad Charity got to see them . . .and since children were involved . . . McDonald's was where we needed to be last evening.

We are still waiting for paperwork to be processed before we can proceed with the USA Embassy requirements. We try to get to see Katya each day we can, and then fill in the rest of the time with reading books, Skyping friends, walking around the city, fixing food, cleaning up from fixing food, and doing laundry.

Specific Prayer Requests:
#1. For continued health and safety for all of us here, as well as our family back at home. We are currently split into three different locations which is hard on all of us, esp. as it means that right now for most of the week we are not able to Skype with Chad and Kristina. That is very difficult.

#2. For the paperwork to be processed in a timely manner, and for it to be done correctly.
#3. We may ask to change apartments due to the issues we are having still getting to the bus we need to get to Katya's town. Pray that if we are meant to do that the details would work out for us.
#4. Some specific unspoken requests.

And of course--PRAISE GOD that Katya was feeling so much better, and that Charity had a good night and is feeling fine this morning! ;-)


Nanci said...

What wonderful news! We join you in thanking God for His goodness!

We continue to pray for all of you and much appreciate the specific requests that help us know how to pray for you. However, whether we know specific requests or not, our omniscient God knows your every need, and we ask Him to go before you in each and every detail.

So glad that your older daughter is feeling better, as well.

God bless.

Lauren said...

Glad to hear the good news! There are a number of free iPad apps that do translation, have you checked to see if there's one that will do cyrillic? Might make the rest of your time in-country a little easier!

Sylvia MiaSara Truewell said...

Just a thought on Charity's problems...

Did you guys drink the water? Even to brush your teeth?

Drinking the water in a foreign country is a huge no-no. There are different micro organisms in the Ukraine water -- your body is unfamiliar to them -- and that causes intestinal problems like you've described.

In fact, freshly-washed dishes can even cause stomach upset in sensitive individuals (like me!)
I had to wipe down all dishes with bleach, then I'd rinse them down with bottled water.
Some people are okay to rinse dishes with boiled tap water...not I! I found I was extremely sensitive, while others like my husband and daughters were not.

Just a thought...sounds like she got into some Ukranian water. In fact, if you're eating out, that could be the culprit. Ice cubes are often made with tap water. Some dishes include water that's from the tap.
Perhaps it's yet another reason to eat in!

nicole said...

Hi id love to send katya a doll from baby be blessed on etsy..there bible versed dolls/animals could you send me an email at moon-babies@hotmail.com