"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Few Last Things

How fun to have these matroishka magnets on your fridge! There are a total of FIVE available. Numbered ONE through FIVE, starting at the top and working down here.


PENDING SALE #2 and #3


Asking $4.00 apiece PLUS shipping to the lower 48 states. Please indicate which numbers you are interseted in.

Yes, I'll confess . . . I couldn't get them all posted yesterday! And these are the best ones . . .

I got them from my friend, Alexi, who has faithfully and honestly served me on both of my trips to Katya's birth country--both in Sept. '09 and again this summer. He takes pride in his booths at the market and all his items are kept polished and clean, and his prices, while competetive, are honest prices. I trust what he tells me. And he told me that these sets are painted by a leading artist in Katya's birth country, with high quality acrylic paints and much attention to detail. Because he is a friend of Alexi's, Alexi has "dibs" on the items. You will notice the difference in that they are also not "glazed". Due to the attention to detail, they are more expensive as well. I have to ask $16.00 a set plus shipping for each of these, but I believe you will be VERY pleased with them.
Numbered in order from top to bottom--please specify which set you wish to purchase! (Tallest figure is around 4 inches tall)





And the weest . . . tiniest . . . funniest . . . little matroishkas! (not from Alexi's shop--found them in another shop). These are "glazed" in the standard fashion.

And for comparison, so you can see HOW TINY they are . . a dime. (Charity used a sticky pad to keep them from falling as the last two figures are miniscule.)

Would prefer to seel these two as as set.   Because of how tiny they are, the price is higher due to the difficulty in carving and painting them. (Charity recommends a display case!)  $21.00 for the set. Or $11.00 a piece.)

And . . . ONE LAST FLEECE BLANKET . . . made by yours truly here in the USA with new materials. . .

Approx 47 inches by 51 inches.

PENDING SALE --Asking $38.00 plus shipping.

And that my readers, is all that I think we have . . .   We leave in just 5 days from today!!!


Shea said...

I want set 1,2, and 3. Please send me a pm with total for all 5 purchases and how I can pay, hugs and god bless Hope. P.s. we have 4 birthdays in july, and these are all gifts :)

Lauren said...

Would love magnet number 4 :) And as always, if you'd rather you can always just drop it off whenever you're in town!

Elaine said...

are the mini sets sold yet? If not I would like to buy them. you can email me at greenacres@watchtv.net