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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Approximate Price BreakDown

Here is an approximate Price Breakdown for 2cnd Trip to Complete Katya's Adoption Process

Airfare: Projected Cost: $4,000 (could be slightly more or less depending on airfare at time of return home, but this is based on what it is costing for tickets for me and Charity to get out there, and of course, when we return home, Katya will be accompanying us!)

Lodging and Meals for two weeks: $1,400 (figured at around $100 a day, which we found to be a fairly good average when in country the first time--this could be more or less depending on the cost of lodging, how long we must stay in country, and how the dollar value holds or does not hold)

Passport for Katya--$600.00

USA Embassy (VISA etc.) --$550

Transportation while in Country--unknown as of yet

Misc. expenses (they always come up!)--unknown

Food and drink while in airports--unknown, but it adds up quickly!

So approx known costs are around $6,550, so I think a safe estimate to say we need to raise would be in the $8,000 plus  range.

We are still working on trying to collect our info from our first trip but it looks like we will have several hundred dollars over and above what we had budgeted (since we were able to come home before the 3.5 to 4 weeks it could have taken, plus we tried hard to live frugally while there, walked or took cheap public transportation most of the time, cooked most of our food at home etc.) If there is really left-over funds (once we do all the math of what we charged to our credit card), then it will be applied to the second trip.

But roughly . . . we still have around $7,700 probably--maybe a bit more--to fund raise for! I will ask Amy to set up a new therm to reflect that.

Please share the link to this blog and ask others to pray and visit our blog as we post items for sale today . . .    With the help of so many people . . .  we believe we can knock this sum into the dust and be on our way to Katya again!

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