"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Sunday, June 19, 2011

And Now Big Sister . . .

 . . . woke me up in the night at around 2:20 a.m with a hurting, upset tummy. Good thing we had charcoal and some Sonne #7 along. She spent time camped out in the bathroom just in case she vomited,  but when Charity last spoke to me she said she was starting to feel some better and would probably soon go back to bed.

However, that kind of nixed our plans to go see Katya this morning. It's almost 9:20 a.m. and Charity is still deeply asleep. I've been puting away dry laundry, hung up what was in the washer to dry, started a new load, did some tidying up, have opened various windows etc. and she's still OUT even though I've been stirring all around her. I'm thinking of going back to bed myself, as my night was rather interupted as Charity woke me a few times over the course of it.

I can't figure out what would have done it, as we cooked all our own food yesterday and I was/am fine. Who knows. . . just thankful we got her over it--and hopefully no more as she took our "emergency dose" of Sonne #7 and so that only leaves us charcoal in case of another event.
Yesterday our Sunday was different than we had thought. We weren't able to go to the church that we went to on our first trip as the pastor's wheels were unavailable to come pick us up. We hadn't found a working ATM yet to get more hrivna, so I didn't dare use a taxi to get to church and back. So we ended up walking to a park near by here. We sat on the bench and read our Bibles for awhile, had some discussion and then came "home" when the gnats drove us out. Thankfully in the course of our homeward walk, we ended up finding a wonderful, easy to use ATM at a slight angle across the street from our apartment! SCORE! Amazing how that took a weight of stress from my shoulders.

By that point it was late enough in the day here that we could catch part of a Sunday a.m. service from our local area via streaming internet while fixing our supper. ;-) So at least we got a little church! Thankful for that.
With the exception of a small Saturday evening supper eaten out, we have been cooking our own food. We are eating simply, using local produce that is in season, and fixing one pan meals pretty much. There are NO cooking utensils such as spatulas or stirring spoons in this apartment, so that makes our cooking a bit interesting. We have a nice set of pots, but no way to flip eggs or any thing like that. Means we are limited to hard boiled eggs or gently stirring scrambled eggs (in a teflon skillet!) with a fork! Our other meals have been fried meat with finely diced potatoes, and then whatever else we have on hand. Last night we added a diced carrot, a can of corn, some ketchup and seasonings (I was smart and brought salt and Italian seasoning from home this time!) and some fresh dill. It was pretty yummy!

We WANTED some pickles to go with it, but neither Charity nor I could get the lid off the jar in spite of many valiant attempts. I joked that we--the brave and fearless women who are taking on this vast city--were conquered by a jar of pickles . . .   Charity pointed out that if we had a piece of silicone, she's sure she'd win. I imagine, but alas, no sign of anything like that nor even a substitute for it. Anyone want our jar of unopened pickles?!


nicole said...

I have heard of others coming down with giardia do you think it might be that??

Bogaranty├║ said...

Try either putting the lid under hot running water for a few seconds, or hitting it quite hard with the blunt end of a knife. If it stil doesn't open, try to get the knife under a lid for a little bit and move it around.

Danielle said...

Praying Charity is feeling better!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Maybe Charity and Katya had the same stomach bug? hang in there and praying for a quick passport!


The Annessa Family said...

Praying for recovery...and something to open that pickle jar!

Brooke Annessa

Susan said...

Did you try hitting the edge of the jar lid with a utensil? Just turning it in a circle with one hand and keep banging with a knife in the other.