"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We Have a Pad!

We are leaving on Saturday for Katya's country, so it's very good that we finally were able to confirm our "pad" for at least the first 2.5 weeks of our stay. We are only reserving for that long and will add on days as needed--but that COULD potentially mean a move for us. (Hopefully not.)

I present you our lodging for the next while . . . get a an eyeful.

I laughed so hard when I first saw photos of the bedspread! "When life throws you lemons" and all that . . .  I bet I laugh every single time I walk into that room!

Miniscule kitchen, but it will work for two of us.

Clean and neat.

While I would LOVE to blather on about what all is going on . . . I do NOT have time . . . so I will end this with two very important requests:

#1. Please pray for this trip. Pray for safety for us and our family--for wisdom and patience for those who will be caring for our brood. Pray for our children as none of them have ever been so long without their parents as this first trip sounds like it will be. It's esp. hard for all of them that we currently have no definite return date. Pray for Kaya's heart to be prepared for our entrance into her life . . . for bonding, and for wisdom for us as we attempt to open doors of communication with her. Also pray for us to be filled with God's love for those will be interacting with . . . that God's Spirit will be shinning from us cleanly.

#2.  Please pray about funding for our second trip. While our first is fully funded (Oh thank you, Dear God, and all His people who helped!) we still need approximately $8 thousand dollars for the second trip. The cost of airfare is rapidly rising, and so that is just a rough estimate--it may end up being closer to $9,500 we need.

Even though we have no real fundraisers going on at the moment you can still purchase items from MomAwake's Estsy shop (on the right hand side bar of this blog--scroll down to it) where she sells lovely clothing items for 18 inch dolls. A portion of each purchase goes to help Katya come home. Also, there are still the donation buttons on the side bar. The Reece's Rainbow button for our FSP is TAX DEDUCTIBLE for you. The PayPal button that comes to us is not tax-deductible, but funds are still appreciated.

Again . . . please be in prayer for both of those requests. Thank you . . . and cotinue to follow along as we BRING KATYA HOME!!! We  beg, plead and grovel  welcome comments and (respectful) questions! Knowing others are praying or interested truly does help! And since Paul and I are both pretty social people we enjoy contact with others and will find it helpful while we are in-country and missing our kiddoes!


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Thank you for the update and specific prayer requests, praying for you!

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