"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Many Things . . . .

There are so many things keeping me busy lately . . . . in just slightly over TWO WEEKS we leave for Katya's country. Can you believe it?! The time is almost here! And I feel almost frantic at all that needs to be done before we leave!!! I haven't even started on the major things that need done just because the day to day life stuff seems to be keeping me so busy!!

On top of every thing else, dear friends of ours desperately need work, so we have been hiring them to do a few painting projects around the house. We are REALLY glad to be getting those things done, but it wasn't on the agenda to do *now* originally.

One  those projects is painting our main bathroom that had to have the ceiling replaced due to the sheet rock molding . . . NOT a good thing. We think that the house had some defective sheetrock, because not only did the bathroom ceiling mold all along the edges where the ceiling and wall met, we had several spots in the kitchen area develop "bleed through" spots that were yellow and appeared to some what blister the pain off  . . . No amount of scrubbing would clear it up, and it was ugly. It is now properly covered with Killz, and tomorrow the repainting of the dinning room and kitchen is to begin. Hopefully all the painting will be finished up next week and we can put the house back to rights.

Then there is some necessary shopping. Paul's wardrobe in particular is in sad need of some help before we go, and since he needs a pair of comfortable walking shoes and some pants . . . he needs to go shopping with me. He's been working LONG hours each day or else is out of town working, so shopping hasn't happened. It's got to happen SOON, or  . . . we will have a problem!

Then, there are the Hallmark Recordable Books . . .  http://www.hallmark.com/online/in-stores/storybooks/recordable-storybooks/  I purchased one for Kristina and one for Chad with coupons. But to try to find the time to record them when neither child is around . . . . OUCH!  I'm starting to feel the pressure mounting. And yes, I am bound and determined that each of my two littles will have Mommy record one of those books for them because I know having me gone for 3 weeks is going to be very hard on both of them short of a divine miracle. They never have been gone from me for more than one week, and both of them thought that was hard enough.

And there is present wrapping (just mainly small things picked up at the Dollar Tree or similar . . . ) so the children will have a couple of presents a week that they can choose to open if they are having a particularly stressful day while we are gone. Even though it's only a few presents per kid per week, it adds UP !!!

And a photo book for Miss Katya . . . . (yes, I feel more pressure--but maybe I can delegate this job to Charity and Kristina?).

And then there is making a book of maps, phone numbers, a schedule etc. for our baby-sitter. (Yup, this is one that Mom needs to do--not much delegating of this one.)

And lining up all the small details ahead of time for being out of the country for a solid stretch--paying bills ahead, making sure that the cupboards are stocked, clothing needs of all the kiddoes met so hopefully there is not frustration for the sitters etc.

Deep breath. Deep breath.

In the midst of all this, I want to keep my eyes on The One Who Has Called Us to Katya. And to focus on praying for her heart and our hearts to be ready to be connected. You can help us pray about that too. It's pretty important!


Nanci said...

We will continue to uphold you and your family in prayer. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into that for which we need to pray.

Tink said...

hi, this is Tink from savingsullivan.blogspot.com
I didn't know if you had this picture, but i believe this is a picture of katya from 2007 when Life2orphans went over there. Is it?

Hope Anne said...

Nanci, Prayer is SOOO appreciated! Thank you so much!

Tink, yes, it sure is a picture of Katya, and I've seen it before. But thank you for pointing it out to me jsut in case . . . Once she is legally ours, I plan to ask L to O to provide us copies without their info on them for Katya's life book. I hope they will. ;-) How are things going for you guys?!