"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Friday, April 29, 2011


It must be nesting . . .   (if in doubt as to what on earth I'm talking about, you can read here: http://www.mamashealth.com/pregnancy/nesting.asp  )

Yeah, it sure feels like it . . . except I wouldn't say I have a surge of energy physically . . . but mentally . . . my brain is racing with a gazillion things I want done, NEED done . . . MUST GET DONE . . .

Sorted through Chad's clothing today and bagged up his too-small-items. I have two of the Gymboree drawstring bags full. Anyone local-ish interested in them for a donation to Kastya's adoption account? There are all kinds of things ranging from dress clothing to every day to socks and underwear. Mostly 5-6 in size.

Painting is going on too . . . The bathroom is changing from the blue it was to a warm peachy/yellow color. I can't wait till it's all finished! Charity helped me figure out how to change the two pictures on the wall to something in line with our new decor. I was commenting that the framed (thrift store) fish weren't going to fit in any more, but I didn't want to spend the money to get something new, NOR did I want to wait till who knows when I might find something suitable at the thrift store. Charity reminded me that we could tear the paper backing from the frames, pop out the fish pictures and put in a sheet of scrapbooking paper that would fit with the decor. I loved the idea, and it will be quite like we can find something suitable in our stash of scrapbooking papers. If not . . . I'll wait for a sale and snag one for pennies. The frames are a white wood so perfectly suitable for the new look without any to-do.

And . . . believe it or not . . .when I went to buy paint for the dining room and kitchen, in spite of attempting to slightly change the color, I ended up with something that was very nearly the same! It's so close it's hard to tell where it was painted and where it was not. At least it will be fresh and clean looking, and the bleed-throughs and the chips will be dealt with. And . . . the other good thing is that we are getting a good thorough cleaning with dragging every thing out and sweeping behind it and wiping down the corners and all that goes along with painting. So it's all good . . . and yes, it does feel like nesting. I think I am nesting. Why wouldn't I be??? In two weeks from tomorrow . . . we are heading for Katya!

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