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Monday, March 21, 2011

Thinking Outside of the Box to Raise Funds

Late this just-passed winter, my Dh and teen son had a two week long fencing job locally. They repaired and replaced a fence around a post office. Part of the terms of the job were that they were to clear all debris and damaged fence and supplies from the property. They hauled home the items as they came home each evening and dumped them in a large pile.

This past week my Dh did not have any paying jobs, but that did not mean he was idle. Oh no! He and Todd worked hard loading up the scrap fence and a few other things of scrap that accumulated here over the past year and hauled them in to the local recycling place.

Wanna guess how much their work gave us for Katya's fund?? Roughly $522.00! We were very, very happy to be able to add that to Katya's fund and I share this as a little example of how to think outside  of the box when trying to fundraise for your child's adoption.

Our property is neater and cleaner again, and the money we need for Katya's ransom has taken a large jump. Very definitely a win-win situation if you ask me!

In other happy news, we recieved our first donation today for the April 9th fundraiser, and got emails or messages about a few other donations. We are very grateful and excited about them all! We also plan to take all the left-over items that haven't sold on our blog like aprons and blankets and things like that to the auction so if you have been thinking about purchasing one, NOW is the time to buy them--otherwise, they are gone.
Also, someone has kindly offered to do an Usborne books fundraiser for Katya! Here's the info they gave me to share with you. Please share the info with anyone and everyone who might have any interest! The clock is ticking and we still have a very short time span to finish raising the funds we need for Katya! I know with God's help and the kindness of others we WILL accomplish that goal and Katya WILL be coming home, God willing.

Here is the link http://www.myubam.com/HOS195109 or they can go to www.BooksKidsRead.com and click on "Bring Katya Home" in the upper right corner.

Usborne Books & More believes that children should have every opportunity available to them,...
... especially a good education. We offer an incredible variety of fiction and non-fiction titles in all age ranges and subjects. The combination of Usborne and Kane/Miller books enables Usborne Books & More to offer you one of the most creative and original book lines in the United States.

All books will be shipped directly to you within 2 business days of your order. The consultant, Ann Mackowski will donate her commission (25% of sales) to help bring Katya home to her family. In addition, the free books a hostess earns by holding a party will be donated for the auction on April 9th.

If you need book recommendations or have any questions, please e-mail Ann@BooksKidsRead.com and she will be more than happy to help.

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