"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SALE!!! Help Get Katya Home!!!

I've got some REALLY good news to share! Yesterday after a lot of phone calls and some stress we found out that our USCIS application AND Paul's A-file have been approved, pending review by one final supervisor. Our approval was expected to go into the mail yesterday yet--or if not yesterday, TODAY. That means by the end of this week we could be holding the paperwork in our hand that grants us approval to bring a child--hopefully Katya--into the USA!

And guess what that means?? That means that by early next week we should have our dossier on it's way to Katya's country!!! And guess what THAT means?? That means that in about 4-5 weeks after that we will probably be traveling to Katya's country to meet her! Paul for the first time--and for me, seeing her, holding her and loving her again! (OK, I'm bawling like a baby practically just at the thought . . . it's getting SOOO close--so real!!!)

So . . . in the midst of all this great and exciting news . . . the real damper is THIS: Realistically Speaking, We Are Still About $15,000 Short of What We Need. We still the $9,000 fee for the faciltator's in-country. We still need lodging for six weeks approximately, we still need money for food, for paying transportation fees (not included in the $9,000), Embassy Fees, Medical Exam for Katya etc. We DO already have what it should take for airfare unless airfare goes up beyond $1,000 a person. (We are budgeting that much per person and prayig it is enough!) So that is covered, thank God! But the rest needs covered.

So . . . SALE TIME . . . . we have reduced the prices on our items that have been listed for awhile . . .

ALL the items in the "Teacup Pincushions are on SALE. All the fleece items are ON SALE. We need those items to MOVE out!! Click on the "tabs" above to see the sale prices and what is available! First come, first served! If you have been pondering buying something, NOW is the time! Please spread the word!! Help us bring Katya home!!


Milena said...

I will get off the computer immediately and go and pray for you. Pray for a miracle!

Pam, Kaden and Skyler said...

I would like to purchase the boys rescue blanket?

Danielle said...

Sounds like things are moving!! We have been praying for Katya:)

Hope Anne said...

Re: Boy's Rescue blanket--please email us your snail mail addy at: phdfam@ gmail.com (take out space) and we will come up with an approximate shipping price and send you the total. If you want it, then please let us know and pay promptly via PayPal or personal check. I will mark the blanket "Sale Pending" in the meantime. Thank you so much for helping to bring Katya home!

Hope Anne said...

Milena and Danielle, prayers are EVER appreciated!!! ;-) We serve a MIGHTY GOD!

travcat said...

so happy for you!!!
Praying she comes home soon!