"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mysterious Money

For three weeks in a row now, we have found money in our mailbox at church. First week, a $100 bill in an envelope with our name on it. No note.

Second week, $100 in an envelope with our name on it. No note.

Third week--today--$65.00 in bills folded and stuffed in our mailbox.

We don't have a clue who is putting the money in there, but I know God knows. I know He sees. He sees someone (or some someoneS) whose heart is tender towards orphans. Someone who wants to quietly help, with no fanfare. I would love to know who is caring so I could thank them, but I don't need to know. GOD KNOWS. And I know He will see and reward them for laying up treasures in heaven. I know He will see and reward them for caring about a little girl who has been declared not fit for a normal life due to a head deformity. A little girl who has a heart that is hungry for love . . . for hugs . . . for kisses . . .  A little girl who has been waiting for OVER SIX YEARS for a Mommy, a Daddy, and a family!!

Tomorrow, check the thermometer for an update! We have been working hard to haul in the scrap from a fencing job Paul did this winter, and some other misc. scrap from some other jobs, and the Lord has blessed us with good results for that. No, not enough to complete the adoption (I wish!) BUT with that money and what has been coming in recently, you are going to see a nice fat JUMP in the therm!!! ;-) I'm happy about that, and I know God is too!


Milena said...

That's great! I'm so happy for you and I hope Katya's story continues to touch peoples hearts so that your final weeks of fundraising will be very successful!

Carolyn said...


I heard through Julia N. that someone is matching $1,000. If I donate though PayPal will it go towards reaching that goal?

God bless you and yours,


Lauren said...

Perhaps a note to this effect left in the mailbox for your mystery donor would be a good idea? Even if they don't want to be publically recognized, discreet appreciation always feels good!

lgwilliams54 said...

I have a brand new, in the original packaging iPod Touch that I would like to donate to your action. If you would give me the address to send it to, I can ship it to you asap.

Lisa W.
Houston Texas

Hope Anne said...

Carolyn, the matching grant donor has agreed that ALL donations whether made to us personally or through RR count towards the matching donation. ;-) Just please let us know that is what it is for, however you decide to donate. Thank you for caring!

Lisa W--that would be perfectly lovely! If you email me at: phdfam@gmail.com I'll be happy to supply you with our mailing address. April 9th isn't far off!

Lauren, I would have no clue which church mail box to put the thank you note in since each family has their own private box, but we plan to post one on the church bulletin board.

Milena, keep praying--and check out the amounts on both our blog therm and the RR account! ;-) Thanking God for donations that are going to help bring Katya home!!