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Monday, March 7, 2011

Chad says, "I Want Katya To Come Home!"

Back in the summer of 2010, Chad saw me looking at Katya's picture one day and told me, "That girl needs to come live with us." When I agreed that she did need a Mommy and Daddy and a family, he told me he wanted to pray that she could come live with us. Since I knew that his Daddy and I were privately praying about that very thing, I told him he could go ahead and pray about it, of course!

So, for a couple of nights--and even at times at mealtimes, this is what Chad prayed: "Dear God, We found Katya's picture on the internet. Please let her come live at our house. Amen."

When Paul realized that Chad was praying like that, he wasn't too happy, because at that point, he'd only very reluctantly agreed to help pray about what God's plan for our family might be in regards to Katya. He felt that he was "too old, too tired, and too poor" to do another adoption, and he didn't even really WANT to be praying about it, but had agreed to do so after I asked him if he would. So Chad's sincere little boy prayers were a bit unsettling to Paul.

And then, after a few days of Chad's fervent petitions, he ON HIS OWN changed his prayers. With great conviction and assurance, Chad began praying, "Dear God, thank You that Katya is coming to live at our house. Amen." And he was SURE. Absalutely positively beyond a shadow of a doubt SURE. He was SOO sure that for awhile I was truly worried about him because he would tell us with great urgency that we needed to go get Katya NOW because she was waiting for us, and she was sad and worried we weren't coming!! This really rattled Paul, and I have to admit, it shook me up abit as well. Paul was still "kicking against the pricks"  (See here for more interesting insight into the phrase) at the time, and it wasn't what he wanted to hear, that was for sure!

Eventually (obviously) Paul began to feel peace about adopting Katya and conviction that it was the path we were to take. We joyfully announced the news to Chad and the rest of our children. Chad was matter of factly happy--he'd known all along it was going to happen!

So many times on this journey, when it has begun to feel impossible to me, and when the thought of raising another penny, let alone the approximately $15,000 we still need to come up with makes me want to sink down and just yell, "I'm done! I QUIT!" Chad's faith keeps me moving. If he has the faith and assurance that he has, it could only have come from God speaking it into his little heart. How can I let him down?! I can't. We can't. No way. We can't give up on Katya--she needs us--and Chad is a wise and sensitive enough child to realize that. The other day he prayed all on his own, "Dear God--Tell those other famiiles to find ANOTHER child and keep an eye on Katya for us! Amen!"

Chad is going to be the best brother to her, I'm sure. A protector, and champion. He will defend her and advocate for her! Why am I so sure of that?? Because--he has been ever since he "found her picture on the internet". He has worried about what we would need for her to live in our family--"a bed, a dresser, toys--and oh yes! A booster seat!" He has insisted that we HURRY UP and get her home again and again. He has begged us even to go to the airport because he is sure she's waiting for us there . . .  And, Chad defends and protects his sister, Kristina. So I know he will do the same thing for Katya.

Chad wants Katya to come home! He wants her to come home SOO badly that he wanted to HELP DO SOMETHING to raise funds for her. So . . . he allowed his precious doggy, "Honey", to model the many uses of the ""Doggie Paws Bucket Bag" we have for sale. Check out the photos.

Bucket Bag and Coordinating Apron are still available for sale together or separately. Check the "Aprons" tab at the top of the blog for purchasing info! Help Chad bring Katya home!

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Sylvia MiaSara Truewell said...

That's such a sweet story!

Why don't you do a raffle? I've seen lots of adoptive families raffle iPads and iPods (or whatever the hot tech item is at the moment!) and that sort of stuff. And they consistently raise thousands of dollars!

I mean, thinking about it, there's really no risk involved. If you don't sell enough raffle tickets to cover the cost of the item, you can simply refund the money. I'm sure friends, church friends, etc. would also be willing to buy raffle tickets!

Just an idea. I've seen lots of success with these raffles.