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Friday, March 18, 2011

And It is THERE!!!

We received the happy word this afternoon that our precious Fed-Ex package not only made it safely to the city and country where it belonged, but that it was also delivered and signed for! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Now begins the important work of translating and submitting it. We are praying for a smooth process for that--and a speedy one.

We are also praying for the funds, because there is not a lot of time left and the sense of urgency grows almost by the minute. It's hard to sleep . . . it's hard to stay focused for me right now because I want so badly to be over there. Everyone is coping with the situation in their own way. Chad went and brought his beloved musical crib toy that he has cherished all these years and told me that he wants me to sell it to raise the money to get Katya. TOTALLY SPONTANEOUSLY. It moved me to tears. I cry easily these days. All those "pregnancy" hormones must be running rampant, you know?!

Both Paul and I feel the enormous weight of trying to raise another $15,000 in approximately 4 to 5 weeks very heavily. Paul didn't have work yesterday or today so he and Todd worked hard loading and hauling off steel left from the fence job they did a few weeks ago. After the expense of the trailer and bob cat rental, we raised around $300 for Katya's account. Then there is at least another pick up truck laod that they can hand-load. They plan to do that tomorrow and haul it in for recycling as wsell, We expect that to net us around $175 -$200. So little by little . . . but realistically speaking, we need to be raising $3,000 a week! That's a staggering sum to our minds. But I know it's not to God. We are working hard, doing what we can do. And like Paul says, "I said from the start of this that God would need to help with the funds. I don't know how He'll do it, but He'll just have to if we are to bring Katya home." And He has been faithful. We have ALWAYS had the money so far for each step. So . . . I am choosing to trust. Not to panic. But we are working/thinking/planning/plotting/considering all possible options/seeking advice and counsel/asking for help to pull off a massive fundraiser/ and generally yelling and letting people know we need help. WHHEEEWWWW.

So . . . consider this your official announcement--WE NEED HELP!!! We don't ask for ourselves, but for the sake of Katya.

On April 9th, there is a local church that has graciously offered to allow us to use their church fellowship hall to throw a massive fundraiser. From NOON to 4:00 p.m. there will be GOOD FOOD, GREAT MUSIC, and GIFT BASKETS AND OTHER ITEMS being auctioned off!!! (Yes, all those G's were intentional!! ;- ))

So . . . how can you help??

  #1. By praying.

  #2. By showing up if you are any where close enough to drive in.

  #3. By donating gift cards, gift certificates, hand-made items, services (if you are local to the area or have an online business) new elecontric items, and so on. Please don't think any item is too small! The donation of a single item can be combined with others to make a gift basket that will be a delight! New books, CD's etc. are all welcome! Use your imagination! The possiblities are almost endless.

  #4. If you are willing to help with any aspect of the setting up, food prep or any thing like that, please let us know! We can put you in touch with the committee that is handling that. We have some lovely ladies from our town and from our church who are working together to create a great meal, and a fun time for everyone. I'm soooo greatful to Kimberly and her church for being willing spearhead this event to be the hands of Jesus to Katya!

Now, some more info--the meal will be by DONATION. We want EVERYONE to be able to feel like they can come and help even if they can only afford to throw in a dollar or two. We especially thought that with the earlier time, it might appeal to Seniors who would like a good home-cooked meal. So spread the word if you know of any who might like to eat out on a Saturday and help a good cause! The event will be one where you can eat and run if you need to, so don't be afraid to come!

WHERE?? THE ANCHOR CHURCH  (Directions: http://maps.google.com/maps/place?oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF8&q=The+Anchor&fb=1&gl=us&hq=The+Anchor&hnear=Zanesville,+OH&cid=1505199067741804531&z=14

WHEN??? APRIL 9th, 20011 from 12:00 NOON TO 4:00 PM



(There--I think I covered all the basics--my old English teacher would hopefully approve!)


Sylvia MiaSara Truewell said...

If there's room, perhaps you could add crafters to the event?
You'd earn money from their fee (usually between $30-50), and you can ask for a donation from each crafter to be auctioned or raffled.
Just add a listing to Craftlister -- It's likely that you'll have more applications than you know what to do with!

Lauren said...

The proprietor of Sense and Sensibility patterns allows commercial use of her patterns so long as a link or something similar is provided back to her company. Maybe you and Charity could collaborate on a few Regency dresses for sale? You might even get the owner of S&S to post about Katya and the fundraising projects on her website.