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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Walls Are Crumbling . . .

You know, the walls are crumbling. Just a tiny bit . . . but that marching and praying and trusting is showing results.

#1. I finally was able to get some ANSWERS yest from USCIS. I found out that our case is approved, pending inspection and approval of Paul's "A-File".  "A-File?" I asked. Yes. His A-File. He was born somewhere besides the USA, correct? "Yes", I responded. Well, then his A-File is the file of documents that were submitted on him when he immigrated into the USA. Every child you adopt has a A-File too.

"Ahhh, OK--so the documents his parents submitted when he immigrated in when he was 12?" Yes, those have to be pulled from the storage facility and sent to Officer M--after she reviews them if they are approved, then your permission will be issued because the rest of your paperwork is approved.

So, my friends, that is good news! We just need to pray now for the Gov't storage facility to hurry and pull Paul's A-file and send it to Officer M. If that would happen soon, we could potentially have our "Golden Ticket" in hand here very soon!

#2. Finances . . . our FSP jumped another $400 !!! We still have somewhere in the neighborhood of $18,000 to raise yet . . . but hey, we are making progress.

We also had someone offer ***today*** to help with baby sitting . .  and it's someone we could actually consider using here in town!! We aren't sure if it's a wise idea to have our children away from us with someone who isn't family for so long a period of time, but at least it is giving us some options on juggling things around . . . and it may mean that not ALL the children would have to stay with us ALL the time . . . and that might make some things easier and also help with the cost. Possibly Paul would be able to come back with say the two youngest after court so he could go back to work . . . and this person could potentially care for them during the day while Paul was at work, or over night even if Paul had a job. That would free me and Charity up to move into a one bedroom flat and stay through till we could bring Katya home.

So see, the marching and the praying is helping! ;-) Please continue--we just started Sunday night and look at the encouraging things happening already!

Also, one more thing--would you PLEASE spread the word about this blog?? Thank you!

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