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Friday, February 11, 2011

Time for Prayers . . . and a Shark Apron

We have need of prayers . . .

The first batch of paperwork we sent to Katya's country is now "worthless" in terms of her country being notified of our interest in her, due to changes they have made in-country.  That means she is at even greater risk of falling through the cracks--OR on the flip side--being adopted by another family. I have pretty strong peace in my heart that she'll be coming home to us, so I'm not overly worried, but yes, it adds a layer of urgency to the situation.

That brings me to the next part--USCIS has TWICE 'dropped the ball' on our application. We still have no word (inspite of trying to get some) about where in the process we are. This is a matter for prayers. Our dossier COULD be ready, or soon ready,  to send to Miss K's country if we had that all important piece of approval paper from USCIS. God knows where and how to wrest that loose.

And now . . . another matter, and one that you can also help pray about. We now have to have $500 in hand to wire as a bank transfer when we ship our dossier . . . to pay for the costs of translating our dossier. It used to be that you took the cash with you when you went to adopt, and paid then. Now rules require it to be sent by wire when you ship the dossier. So, that means we need to come up with that soon. We have a good bit of what we will need to do the authentications, aposttiles, Fed Ex shipping AND the $500 fee--but we don't have ALL that we will need. We are still roughly probably about $250 short. We are hoping to be able to say that we are no longer short for those expenses by Saturday night! That is only a little over 24 hours away!

Onward to my next point . . . Charity finished a shark apron this morning. This one is spoken for already by a customer who has paid for it. However, we have another apron just like this one cut out of the same fabric, and if you wish to order it, you may! First come, first served.

Fun zig-zag details to delight a boy's heart

Generous pockets to house a little boy's treasures! Fits approx. age 3-5--possibly a small 6 year old too.  Made in our non-smoking home by myself and my daughter, Charity out of 100% quality cotton, to raise funds for Katya. $16.00 which includes shipping to the lower 48 states.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for buying, or blogging, or spreading the word on FB or other venues. Thank you . . . a child's life is at stake. Katya's life is at stake.

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Shelly said...

Email your congressmen, senators, get your home study agency working for you. USCIS received so much pressure, they assigned an office, reviewed our file, and approved us all w/i an 8 hours time frame Friday-Saturday. We even received an email from them on Saturday...if you want email templates, drafts email me @