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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh What a Week!!

This has not been the week of good news. Not at all. No, good news would have been just too nice this week . .

On top of the PINK SLIP we got the other week from USCIS, when our homestudy agency attempted to resend a new, ORIGINAL homestudy signed in BLUE ink to USCIS by Express mail, USCIS REFUSED to accept the package and RETURNED IT TO OUR AGENCY! They had to resend it again . . . I'm waiting to hear for word that it was for sure received and accepted. Who knows what is going on?!

And . . . I got this bad news while dealing with Dh being stricken with a kidney stone attack suddenly and unexpectedly while out and about in town. That ended him up in the local emergency room for a number of hours--and then again the next night in the ER with him being admitted overnight. As for many self-employed poeple, his medical coverage is not great at all, so we know that is going to leave us with many, many bills at what feels like a really poor time. I was saying to a dear friend that this was the worst possible timing for him to have this happen--she pointed out to me that no, it really wasn't--worse timing would have been when he is half-way over the Atlantic Ocean heading for Katya's country--or even while in-country!!!

Yes, she is absalutely RIGHT. I hadn't even thought about that--was just thinking about the horribly poor timing in terms of finances.

So was there good news this week in the midst of all the bad news??! YES! GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL! ;-) AND HE STILL HAS GOOD PLANS AND PURPOSES FOR US AND FOR KATYA. And if the Devil thinks he can sway us from the path God has put us on . . . well . . . we are claiming victory in Jesus and aren't turning back! We figure this is a good time for GOD to "show off". We are refusing to give in to fear and doubt and worry and instead are going to claim victory in Jesus  . . .

To those of you who were praying for us  . . . we really appreciate it! During the time when we didn't know yet what was wrong with Paul--only knew that he was incapacitated in the Kroger parking lot and I couldn't get to him and Chad because the truck wouldn't start, the prayers of God's people were so appreciated! And when he was still so miserable afterwards, the prayers of our friends and family were so appreciated! The visits from our pastors and texts and phone calls and emails and FB messages . . . we were blessed! So that was all good too. Even in hard times, there are things to praise God for!

Paul isn't 100% better yet, but he's hoping and praying to be well enough to start work Monday on a large job. After having very little work for the last couple of months, we really need and want this job!

As for us, now that Paul is more comfortable and stable, I'm trying to catch up on the mounds of laundry, and again turn my attention to adoption related fundraising!!


Julia said...

My brother was in Italy and had the kidney stone attack.... Your friend is correct - much better to have it on this side of the ocean! I have been praying for you this week!!

Hevel said...

Yes, the timing was bad, but not the worst. When you travel, are you required to have traveler's insurance: