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Monday, February 21, 2011

Good News From a Far Country

"As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." (Proverbs 25:25)


And we certainly heard GOOD NEWS this morning. . . . a message from Andrea Roberts, Founder and Director of Reece's Rainbow, assures us that she has received word that Katya is still safely homed in the Orphanage for young children where I visited her in 2009.

As I read the words, a great weakeness and electric "zinging" (I don't know how else to describe it) flooded my body, and my heart overflowed with joy!

Katya is still where she is loved and cared for. Where she is being fed enough food--good food too, from the looks and smells of it! Where she is allowed to go outside and pluck grass with the other kids to throw over the fence to the neighboring chickens. Where she is given "Oxygen" and other nutrients and cared for by a staff of medical professionals who take pride in caring for the kids in their charge as best they can.

Katya is still where the Director knows who I am. And where the staff saw that Katya let me hold her and love on her.

Do you realize how HUGE THIS IS, people?? Katya turned six back in December, and she is STILL THERE. She has not been transferred . . . when she was at risk of transfer clear back when she was FOUR already!!!! This is a God-thing. And we thank Him most fervently today.

We are STILL waiting our approval letter from USCIS . . . please pray it comes THIS WEEK. If it does, our Dossier should be able to be on it's way THIS WEEK or early NEXT WEEK at the latest.  We know once the dossier arrives, then OFFICIALLY the orphanage will be notified that we are coming for Katya. That should be enough to keep her held there then until we arrive to claim her as our own child. I have faith that the Director will keep her there until we arrive once she knows officially we are coming. The Director is a good woman, and I know she and the other staff felt a connection to the Little Loaves and Fishes team that went in in '09. I believe that connection is strong enough to keep Katya there . . .

I'm off . . . there are MORE FUNDS to raise and QUICKLY . . . we are still about $175.00 short of what we need to get the Dossier authenticated, apostilled, and shipped to Katya's country, along with the $500 translation fee that must gone at the same time.

Don't forget--there are blankets, fleece scarves, stained glass, teacup pincushions and other items you can purchase to help us finish raising that final $175.00 we need!!

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