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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cars, Trucks--Oh My!

A pocket for those toothpicks (yup--just fished a whole handful of them out of my washing machine--my little guy must have had a pocket full!)

Well sewn binding (Thank you, Charity!)

Fun detail zig-zag . . .

What more could a little boy want in a apron to keep him covered in a classy way while helping Mommy around the house? Or even when trotting along with Daddy on a project?

This apron is already sold (THANKS Emily, for helping to bring Katya home!) but I wanted to show you the project . . .  because after all . . . you too may know of a Mama who is wishing for an apron for little Johnny or Joey or Samuel!  Fits roughly age 3 to 5--possibly to 6 years if not too large of a child. My 5 year old who will be 6 in May can still wear them, but they are starting to look a trifle small on him.

$16.00 a piece, and that includes shipping to the USA. Charity makes gorgeous girls aprons too--check out the ones she has here: http://bringingkatyahome11.blogspot.com/p/aprons.html
You can place an order by paying $16.00 (which includes shipping as long as you live in the lower 48 states). We accept PayPal phdfam@gmail.com  as well as money orders or checks. Custom orders are started after payment is received. If you wish to order simply a standard boy or girl apron of fabric of our choosing, then we will ship once payment is received if an apron is in stock. Otherwise, we will promptly make one for you. Mothers tell me how helpful these aprons are to them . . . children seem to love their easy on and easy off capability.

(PS. If you who have purchased these aprons already would be willing to share a photo of your child in the apron, I would much apprciate it! Their face need not show if you are concerned about privacy. THANKS!) 

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