"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A GIVEAWAY--Quilted Wall Hanging

It's time for some more excitement around here, right?? I think so--and if I do, I imagine some more of you might!

So for excitement we have a GIVEAWAY!!!

See this BEAUTIFUL wall-hanging or table topper? It could be YOURS . . .

Monica has ALL the info HERE AT HER BLOG   Click on over to find out HOW to get entered in this give-away!

And best of all?? It's a great way to help bring Katya home!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Few Fundraiser Updates--and a (mildly) Funny Story

Good News About the Tupperware Fundraiser for Katya!! Due to the fact that we couldn't get the link to work correctly at first,  Elsie, the consultant, was able to get our time extended by two days. So instead of the fundraiser ending tonight, it's been extended through the 25th! This is a good fundraiser, with 40% going directly to help Katya come home! So would you please, please, please share this link for Katya's sake via any method you choose,  and ask your friends to consider shopping through it?? You MUST shop through this link for us to get the credit--not through Tupperware's site otherwise. http://order.tupperware.com/pls/htprod_www/!twx$eparty_ctl.p_guest_welcome?pv_eparty=a93b2087b6dc7b62dcfdf8ff96ae2510

There are so many things you could enjoy having in your home . . . I purchased this type of toy for Todd when he was about 2--so 16 years ago. It's still going strong, in spite of all the use it's had.

And then there are storage containers . . .

and so many other things. I don't have tons of Tupperware, but I would say that my favorites are from the Modular Mates that I use to store things like sugar in--since we shop at our local bulk food store alot, having a sturdy container to dump the large bags of bulk items in is really important. Otherwise, . . . holes seem to appear in the plastic and my idea of a fun day is NOT a pile of sugar or flour going all over when I pull a bag from my cupboard. I've had my Modular Mates for years and years and never needed to do a thing wtih them except wipe them clean every now and then!

Anyway . . . just so you kmow . . . we do appreciate you shopping through the link above if you have any needs for Tupperware in your life! And if not . . . maybe someone you love would apperciate a piece for a gift. Prayerfully think about it. But don't think too long--the fundraiser ends the evening of the 25th!

Skirt--Charity finally was able to take some better pictures of the little girl's T-shirt skirt we have for sale! And we lowered the price--only $12.00 and that includes shipping! Check it out! Isn't it sweet?! I love Charity's work.  . . . she puts her heart into her sewing projects.


Again, this is a T-shirt skirt for little girl's, made of ALL NEW materials in our non-smoking home. Approximately 12 and 1/4 inches long, and 18 and 1/4 inches in the waist (un-stretched measurement--elastic in casing waist.) Asking $12.00 and that includes shipping to the lower 48 states. I will ship to Alaska or Hawaii as well but shipping prices will need to be additional.. You can PayPal us at phdfam@gmail.com 
First come, first served!

And now . . . for the mildly funny story . . . when we had our medical forms reviewed by the document reviewer, they noticed something we'd missed--on each form, two lines did not have the date written in on by the doctor. This is a problem--never mind that the page has the date in about 20 other places (well, I exaggerate a bit, I'm sure . . . but it's in a LOT of places, trust me!) So today we tooled to our Doc (who is about an hour away) and got her to add that info. First, she only did the top sheet--good thing I looked before we left the office! So we had to get her chased down and ask that both sheets get attention (yes, she's a busy Doc--a real sweetheart, and ever so caring, but BUSY!)
After we were done with that, we had to drive to the county seat, and after a bit of looking we found the building we were supposed to be going to to get authentications for the forms. Well, when we went through security, we asked the Deputy guarding the desk where to go to get the notary signature authenticated, and he directed us down the hall and to the first door on our right. We went--and found the door, and the sign beside it clearly stated, "Law Library". Umm, that seemed a bit strange . . but whatever . . .it's where he said to go so we opened the door and went in. There was no one there, but a sign taped to the desk saying that they would be back at 2:15 p..m.  That was over an hour away . . . and we debated about waiting plus . . .w as this REALLY the right place?? I looked on the counter and there were forms there that were for notaries and such so I thought maybe then . . . although it all still seemed very strange and "off" to us . . .we settled to wait . . . Stupid us! We should have gone back out and challenged the deputy when we had our doubts!!! We waited till almost 2:20 p.m. and then this lady came hurrying in. When we tried to explain what we wanted she was a bit puzzled at first . . . wanted to look at our papers, and then explained that they don't use the term "authentication" in that county--it's a different term altogether (and right now it's escaping me though she did tell me what it was!) and no, SHE didn't take care of those--they were upstairs in another office! And no, this is NOT the first time that the deputies have done that to people--she keeps telling them that even though she handles one aspect of the notary business, she does NOT do this! So . . . we skeddadled out of there and up to the upstairs because I was supposed to be home not a minute later than 3:15 to take Charity to her group violin lesson . . . and by now it's past 2:20 p.m. and we are a good 45 plus min. away from home! Once in the right office, we were able to get things dealt with quickly and efficiently, and they put the type of impressive stamps and gold seals on that a certain country just LOVES . . . I think we need to move over to that county so the rest of our docs could look so impressive! LOL! 

We managed to hustle home--a phone call enroute appraising Charity of our estimated time of arrival had her and Chad waiting on the door step as we pulled in. Paul jumped out, I jumped into the driver's seat and Charity and Chad climed in and we took off--and just so got Charity to her class on time . . . so all was well that ended well . . . but yes . . that is our latest adoption journey adventure!!

Don't forget--we are fundraising like crazy for Katya!!! Thanks for helping!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Skirt for Easter . . .

Charity made this skirt today with her usual meticulous attention to detail. Created from a NEW cotton-jersey T-shirt, in a soft, spring green, Charity put three rows of patterened rick-rack around the bottom, and added an elastic cased waist for ease and comfort of wearing.

(shadow on skirt from photographer, and not a permanent fixture of skirt!)

Soft, comfy and just right for spring, a little girl will love this dress for it's comfort and ease--no itchy side seams for one--and Mom will love it because it's machine wash and dry!
Sizing: Approximately 12 and 1/4 inches long and 18 and 1/4 inches in the waist. (Remember that the waist is nice, stretchy no-roll elastic so will get larger if it's stretched).
Asking: $14.00 and that includes shipping and handling to the lower 48 states. PayPal or personal check accepted. phdfam@gmail.com
As always, proceeds go to help bring Katya home! Thank you!

Good News From a Far Country

"As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." (Proverbs 25:25)


And we certainly heard GOOD NEWS this morning. . . . a message from Andrea Roberts, Founder and Director of Reece's Rainbow, assures us that she has received word that Katya is still safely homed in the Orphanage for young children where I visited her in 2009.

As I read the words, a great weakeness and electric "zinging" (I don't know how else to describe it) flooded my body, and my heart overflowed with joy!

Katya is still where she is loved and cared for. Where she is being fed enough food--good food too, from the looks and smells of it! Where she is allowed to go outside and pluck grass with the other kids to throw over the fence to the neighboring chickens. Where she is given "Oxygen" and other nutrients and cared for by a staff of medical professionals who take pride in caring for the kids in their charge as best they can.

Katya is still where the Director knows who I am. And where the staff saw that Katya let me hold her and love on her.

Do you realize how HUGE THIS IS, people?? Katya turned six back in December, and she is STILL THERE. She has not been transferred . . . when she was at risk of transfer clear back when she was FOUR already!!!! This is a God-thing. And we thank Him most fervently today.

We are STILL waiting our approval letter from USCIS . . . please pray it comes THIS WEEK. If it does, our Dossier should be able to be on it's way THIS WEEK or early NEXT WEEK at the latest.  We know once the dossier arrives, then OFFICIALLY the orphanage will be notified that we are coming for Katya. That should be enough to keep her held there then until we arrive to claim her as our own child. I have faith that the Director will keep her there until we arrive once she knows officially we are coming. The Director is a good woman, and I know she and the other staff felt a connection to the Little Loaves and Fishes team that went in in '09. I believe that connection is strong enough to keep Katya there . . .

I'm off . . . there are MORE FUNDS to raise and QUICKLY . . . we are still about $175.00 short of what we need to get the Dossier authenticated, apostilled, and shipped to Katya's country, along with the $500 translation fee that must gone at the same time.

Don't forget--there are blankets, fleece scarves, stained glass, teacup pincushions and other items you can purchase to help us finish raising that final $175.00 we need!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finding New Ways to Raise Funds

Since we are selling items to raise funds for Katya's adoption, Charity and I are always looking for inspiration and we found some earlier in the week when we read what is one of our top favorite blogs--Pleasant View Schoolhouse

Anna shared how she had made a upcycled skirt for her daughter, Daisy, from a T-shirt, and I instantly felt my cogs begin to churn A trip to our local thrift store when I was already in town yielded me 3 possible T-s. Charity felt a bit dubious when I handed her the "utilitarian green designed to hide sweat and dirt stains" as she put it! She thought I might have chosen a nicer color.

But, faithful daughter that she is, she set to work obediently, using the gifts God has blessed her with-- and this is what that drab, dark, ugly green T turned into.

Pretty, huh?

I think Charity did an out-standing job on it--and by the time she was done, she'd totally transformed that dull  T into a soft, feminine skirt that is so soft and comfy that it's a delight to feel and see! It sold quickly after I posted it on Facebook, and so it's not available for sale now. Stay tuned though--there are more skirts in the works! And as always, proceeds go to HELP BRING KATYA HOME! ;-)
(All photos by Charity)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tupperware Fundraiser

Elsie, a lady at our church, has kindly volunteered to spear-head a Tupperware Fundraiser for Katya! Due to some problems getting the whole system set up and running correctly, it took us awhile to get an accurate link for people to be able to order.

There's not a lot of time left to order before the fundraising period ends--but there's still *enough* time if you want to order! And you probably do--or if you look at the items available, you can probably find something you want to give for a gift to someone special for their birthday, or Christmas, or just because!

I could certainly find a good handful of items that would be useful if I were ordering. But I'm not ordering. Because I'm saving every penny I can save for Katya. I can live without Tupperware. I can live without a power head for my sweeper (bit the dust before Christmas), a watch (yes, mine is out of commission and I MISS it) and a new tea kettle (mine was a used one purchased years and years ago, and it's now VERY decrepit and annoying everyone in the family who uses it). And so on and so forth. Because none of that is important compared to Katya and her need for a family--NONE of it.

So, check out the link to the Tupperware fundraiser. Please share it widely on your blogs and facebook and via email. We greatly appreciate ALL the help saving Katya's life! Thank you.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Items for Sale

We still need to keep raising funds for Katya . . .   Charity has been hard at work. There are two lavender sachets (with organic lavender--how yummy!) available like the one shown below.

Approximately 6 inches by 6 inches, and filled with organic lavender and just a bit of rice for "bulk", this makes a great present for yourself to hang in your closet or to lay in a drawer. And any friend who likes lavender would love it for a gift as well!

Charity working faithfully on the beading!

Red and silver beads for that extra special touch.

100% quality cotton fabric, and velvet hang loop.

Asking $10.00 a piece and that includes shipping to the Lower 48 states. You can PayPal payment to: phdfam@gmail.com PENDING SALE!!!

And on to the next item--a vintage Holly Hobby handmade Christmas stocking.

Rescued from a bin at the thrift store, this sweet old fashioned stocking was brought home and machine washed and dried.

More details . . .

Asking $9.00 and that includes shipping to the lower 48 states. You can paypal at: phdfam@gmail.com

We appreciate all our past customers, and hope for repeat customers as well as new ones!! God bless!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Walls Are Crumbling . . .

You know, the walls are crumbling. Just a tiny bit . . . but that marching and praying and trusting is showing results.

#1. I finally was able to get some ANSWERS yest from USCIS. I found out that our case is approved, pending inspection and approval of Paul's "A-File".  "A-File?" I asked. Yes. His A-File. He was born somewhere besides the USA, correct? "Yes", I responded. Well, then his A-File is the file of documents that were submitted on him when he immigrated into the USA. Every child you adopt has a A-File too.

"Ahhh, OK--so the documents his parents submitted when he immigrated in when he was 12?" Yes, those have to be pulled from the storage facility and sent to Officer M--after she reviews them if they are approved, then your permission will be issued because the rest of your paperwork is approved.

So, my friends, that is good news! We just need to pray now for the Gov't storage facility to hurry and pull Paul's A-file and send it to Officer M. If that would happen soon, we could potentially have our "Golden Ticket" in hand here very soon!

#2. Finances . . . our FSP jumped another $400 !!! We still have somewhere in the neighborhood of $18,000 to raise yet . . . but hey, we are making progress.

We also had someone offer ***today*** to help with baby sitting . .  and it's someone we could actually consider using here in town!! We aren't sure if it's a wise idea to have our children away from us with someone who isn't family for so long a period of time, but at least it is giving us some options on juggling things around . . . and it may mean that not ALL the children would have to stay with us ALL the time . . . and that might make some things easier and also help with the cost. Possibly Paul would be able to come back with say the two youngest after court so he could go back to work . . . and this person could potentially care for them during the day while Paul was at work, or over night even if Paul had a job. That would free me and Charity up to move into a one bedroom flat and stay through till we could bring Katya home.

So see, the marching and the praying is helping! ;-) Please continue--we just started Sunday night and look at the encouraging things happening already!

Also, one more thing--would you PLEASE spread the word about this blog?? Thank you!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cars, Trucks--Oh My!

A pocket for those toothpicks (yup--just fished a whole handful of them out of my washing machine--my little guy must have had a pocket full!)

Well sewn binding (Thank you, Charity!)

Fun detail zig-zag . . .

What more could a little boy want in a apron to keep him covered in a classy way while helping Mommy around the house? Or even when trotting along with Daddy on a project?

This apron is already sold (THANKS Emily, for helping to bring Katya home!) but I wanted to show you the project . . .  because after all . . . you too may know of a Mama who is wishing for an apron for little Johnny or Joey or Samuel!  Fits roughly age 3 to 5--possibly to 6 years if not too large of a child. My 5 year old who will be 6 in May can still wear them, but they are starting to look a trifle small on him.

$16.00 a piece, and that includes shipping to the USA. Charity makes gorgeous girls aprons too--check out the ones she has here: http://bringingkatyahome11.blogspot.com/p/aprons.html
You can place an order by paying $16.00 (which includes shipping as long as you live in the lower 48 states). We accept PayPal phdfam@gmail.com  as well as money orders or checks. Custom orders are started after payment is received. If you wish to order simply a standard boy or girl apron of fabric of our choosing, then we will ship once payment is received if an apron is in stock. Otherwise, we will promptly make one for you. Mothers tell me how helpful these aprons are to them . . . children seem to love their easy on and easy off capability.

(PS. If you who have purchased these aprons already would be willing to share a photo of your child in the apron, I would much apprciate it! Their face need not show if you are concerned about privacy. THANKS!) 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tomorrow We March . . . .

Tonight as I have pondered the situation we are facing--not only with needing the paperwork from USCIS but also with our fianances for Katya's adoption, I had to think about the Battle of Jericho. Most, if not all, of you reading this blog, probably know the story. But it's good to read it again. Here's a link where you can read it in the Amplified Version (one of my favorite versions) http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Joshua%206&version=AMP

Do you see why this story came to my mind?? It feels like we have been given a walled city to conquer--one that is bigger, mightier and stronger than little feeble old we are. But we have a weapon--a powerful weapon in this battle that the inhabitants of this walled city haven't figured on. We have the power of God--the power of prayer--and lots of prayer warriors. It's time to march.

Time to march against the paperwork delays of USCIS. Time to march against the lack of funds. Because time is running out for Katya. Days are creeping by on paperwork that is dated and will expire, adding further delays to Katya's rescue.

Who will join the march with us, around the city, seven times?? Who will then give a great shout as God tumbles the walls ??? Will you??

For the love of this sweet girl's life?

If you are willing to join with us in this "march around Jericho", pelase leave a comment and let us know. All we are asking is for your "marching" with us in prayer, and/or spreading the word about Katya, and then rejoicing and thanking God when the walls come tumbling down! Thank you.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Time for Prayers . . . and a Shark Apron

We have need of prayers . . .

The first batch of paperwork we sent to Katya's country is now "worthless" in terms of her country being notified of our interest in her, due to changes they have made in-country.  That means she is at even greater risk of falling through the cracks--OR on the flip side--being adopted by another family. I have pretty strong peace in my heart that she'll be coming home to us, so I'm not overly worried, but yes, it adds a layer of urgency to the situation.

That brings me to the next part--USCIS has TWICE 'dropped the ball' on our application. We still have no word (inspite of trying to get some) about where in the process we are. This is a matter for prayers. Our dossier COULD be ready, or soon ready,  to send to Miss K's country if we had that all important piece of approval paper from USCIS. God knows where and how to wrest that loose.

And now . . . another matter, and one that you can also help pray about. We now have to have $500 in hand to wire as a bank transfer when we ship our dossier . . . to pay for the costs of translating our dossier. It used to be that you took the cash with you when you went to adopt, and paid then. Now rules require it to be sent by wire when you ship the dossier. So, that means we need to come up with that soon. We have a good bit of what we will need to do the authentications, aposttiles, Fed Ex shipping AND the $500 fee--but we don't have ALL that we will need. We are still roughly probably about $250 short. We are hoping to be able to say that we are no longer short for those expenses by Saturday night! That is only a little over 24 hours away!

Onward to my next point . . . Charity finished a shark apron this morning. This one is spoken for already by a customer who has paid for it. However, we have another apron just like this one cut out of the same fabric, and if you wish to order it, you may! First come, first served.

Fun zig-zag details to delight a boy's heart

Generous pockets to house a little boy's treasures! Fits approx. age 3-5--possibly a small 6 year old too.  Made in our non-smoking home by myself and my daughter, Charity out of 100% quality cotton, to raise funds for Katya. $16.00 which includes shipping to the lower 48 states.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for buying, or blogging, or spreading the word on FB or other venues. Thank you . . . a child's life is at stake. Katya's life is at stake.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boy's Smock Apron - SOLD!

The Mother-Daughter team has churned out another apron--this time one intended for a boy--a little boy approximately ages 3-5--or a small 6 year old--somewhere in there age wise--that loves animals! Our 5 year old, Chad, loved this fabric and wanted to claim it for his own! We appeased him by showing him that there were enough scraps to make him a small tote bag of some sort.

In a fun 100% cotton print, with a colorful orange binding

For some extra fun, Charity put orange zig-zag stitching in a few places such as the ties and the shoulder seams.


Nice big pockets to hold little boy's treasures!

Asking $16.00 which includes shipping to the Lower 48 states. You can PayPal at phdfam@gmail.com
First come, first served.

Thank you for helping to bring Katya home!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can We Hit the $4,000 Mark?! Items Still For Sale!

I'm going to re-list items that we still have for sale. If you want more info about them, scroll back in the posts, or click on the "tabs" at the top of the page. We would really like to hit the $4,000 mark by the end of this week! We are going to be working as hard as we can this week on new fundraising items as well. Please spread the word--these things aren't doing us a bit of good sitting here, and they would do good for Katya if they sold!

Thank you!



Simple Silver Tea Cup

Winter Teacup

 Pink Roses and Lace with "Pearls" tea cup pincushion

Pink roses with velvet pink ribbon



UP-Cycled Apron made from a skirt by Charity

There you go . . . . Maybe if you don't need anything from this list, you would be willing to share it with a friend? We have sold a few items because someone kindly said to a friend, "Hey, go check out that blog--there is something on there that I think you would like!" And that is great . . . because I don't want people to buy stuff that they can't afford or don't need. But all our items are carefully made in our non-smoking home (except for the stained glass which is made carefully in a non-smoking home and donated specifically to raise funds for Katya!) and I believe they will make SOMEONE happy some where.