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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sachets--and Updates

First of all, I have to tell you how happy we are that things are selling! We get so excited when an item sells! I'm taking three packages to the Post Office tomorrow, so if you have purchased something this week, it's going out tomorrow, God willing.

Tonight Charity worked hard after supper coming up with some ideas for Lavender Sachets. We are using ORGANIC lavender and wow, does it smell wonderful! She had to try several different ideas before she got one that satisfied her that it was good enough to show.

Here it is:

What do you think?? I think it's cute and just perfect to slip into a card for Valentine's Day. We hope to get some other options up soon, but we are having to figure this out as we go, so it could take a bit. We also are wanting to try to make at least a lot of these so that they are in the $4.00 price range--some might be larger or more elaborate and therefore more expensive. But we thought that having some inexpensive ones would hopefully allow poeple to purchase several. The smell is so sweet that you surely will want several for your home after you get it, so buy more than one to begin with, right?! ;-)

Now, for the NEWS. The police clearances arrived yesterday, oh joy! BUT . . . to mar that joy was the fact that they had made my hubby 3 years younger than he really is! So this morning bright and early I called BCI and was told that it wasn't THEIR fault, and there was nothing THEY could do about it! They assured me mostly solemnly that our local Sheriff's office input the date wrong, and they can ONLY print off what is in the system. When I asked what I was to do to get a corrected piece of paper in my hand, beings as Katya's birth country is VERRRRYYYY particular, they told me we would have to go back to the Sheriff's office and ask them to correct it, then fill out a new applicattion and get it sent off to them to process. Needless to say, that was pretty distressing, but off we went to town since we had the 10:00 a.m. appt. with the county auditor. I will save the details about the auditor till another time since I MUST get to bed soon, but after the meeting we went to the fingerprinting office of the Sheriff's Dept.

It was kind of funny because as soon as they looked up and saw us, the first words out of their mouth were, "Back again so soon?!" (Do you think they KNOW us in there by now, or not?!) We explained and they took the letter and went off to the computer to look it up. Lo and behold . . . they had the correct date in their computer!!! Hmmmm. So what are we to do NOW we asked? She went and got her supervisor, and she said that they couldn't do anything because they have it correct, and it IS BCI's problem and they need to issue us a new letter! We said that they had refused. She said she would call the Supervisor, V., in BCI. But she wasn't able to get ahold of her on the phone while we were there so we left with them promising to work on the matter. So it goes . . . .  Monday is a holiday so the clock ticks along and we still don't have what we need but I'm trusting God that He will provide it IN HIS GOOD TIMING.

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Amy said...

My goodnesss, what a run around the block. That's funny that the lady at the Sheriff's Dept knew you by sight though. The sachets are cute, though.