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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NEW Items for Sale!

I'm very excited because we have three new items to list for sale--all proceeds after expenses go to HELP BRING KATYA HOME! We are working hard, because we have pretty much paid for all our up-front expenses now except for relatively minor (in terms of the whole scheme of things) expenses like authenticating and apostilling more documents and getting them shipped to Katya's country. That's only a few hundred more, so really, we can start thinking in terms of money being raised now for TICKETS to her country and in-country expenses! Yippee!!!!

SO, wanna help?? There are lots of ways you can help . . . first of all, you can check out the items we have listed for sale--here in this blog post and also in the tabs at the top of the page. There's our friend's Etsy shop where she sells the most adorable doll clothing for 18 inch dolls--including custom orders! Check it out! You can also pray, spread the word about our blog and ask others to come visit us!

First item for sale is one I'm very excited about--actually, I'm excited about all of them, but since Charity put so much love and effort into this I am going to show it first! I've been sewing for years, but Charity at 14 brings a skill and talent to her sewing that all my years of experience haven't given me. I'm very blessed that she is willingly giving her talents and skills to GOD to be used to save the life of a child!

SOLD -- Child's Cobbler Apron size 4-5. It generally fits children around age 3-6 depending on their size. Made from brand new good quality 100% cotton fabric from our non-smoking home. Ties on each side. --

Generous front pocket for all their "treasures".

Such fun fabrics!

Asking $16.00 and that includes SHIPPING. - SOLD

Next is another teacup pincushion.

Charity shown here hard at work on the center stuffing while listening to her violin music.

The teacup, rescued from the thrift store, in all it's glory after Charity is done transforming it.

Some of the details

Just perfect for your shabby chic home! Comes with the beaded pins that Charity made for it.

Isn't it sweet?! I think so!

Asking $15.00 if you get it without the pins--$18.00 with the pins--and $6.50 shipping due to how heavy this set is.

PENDING SALE--And the final item for now . . . Vintage Holly Hobby Curtains! Two panels that are in good shape. I suspect the fabric is a cotton-poly blend--not sure, but it's in great shape for as old as these probably are. I did not find any holes or stains, and no significant fading. Intended to hang with the "pinch pleat" hooks on a rod--or you could repurpose the fabric into sweet pillows or other items for your little girl's room!

Each panel measures approximately 63.5 inches long from the very top edge to the very bottom edge. And is about 42 inches wide at the bottom.

Close ups of some of the scenes! Aren't they sweet?!

Asking $7.00 plus $5.50 shipping and handling.

For any of these items, you can shoot me a message or email at phdfam@gmail.com and let me know what items you want. First come, first served! I take PayPal payments or checks or money orders. Please, if you pay via PayPal, try to use the "personal" tab if you are pulling the money from a PayPal balance or bank acct. That keeps us from losing money to PayPal fees! And every single penny HELPS! ;-) We try hard to keep our prices reasonable, so your consideration in this matter helps a lot! Thank you!

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Milena said...

They're adorable, and I so impressed by Charity's sewing and crafting skills! What a gift to have such skills!

I would love to order something, but having it shipped here would be costly, so I'll have to just admire and say a little prayer that someone else sees your items and goes ahead shopping!