"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yesterday evening blogger steadfastly refused to allow me to load any photos so I decided my time was best spent elsewhere. But here's plenty now for your viewing . . . ALL of these items are up FOR SALE FOR KATYA!  We currently need approximately $180 plus for the country-specific medicals Paul and I are required to have (yeah--the Doc even has to sign off on them in front of a notary public!) We have our appt. for January 25th and are praying to raise the money before then.

The camo fleece I posted about in the previous post is still for sale, and then there are these additional scarves! Please note that if you order multiple items we DO combine shipping, and we work hard to get them to you quickly. All items are handmade in our NON-SMOKING home. Made with love and care for the sake of Katya.

UPDATED to add: If you want to purchase anything we have for sale, PLEASE leave me a comment with your contact info OR shoot an email to: bringingkatyahome1@gmail.com and I will get back in touch with you. Depends on how many items you want what shipping will be. After you have a total, you can then make a PAYPAL payment to us. If you make it using the PERSONAL TAB and have the funds in your checking acct. OR PayPal acct. PayPal doesn't take out any fees--and that helps ALOT !!! It means that every penny after expenses can go straight to help bring Katya home!!!! Thank you!!!

SOLD--Fire dog scarf approx 51 inches long PLUS fringe. Around 12.5 inches wide. Asking $7.00 plus shipping. ONE of these for sale.

Pink and green and brown . . . so pretty for a little girl! This scarf is approx. 9.5 inches wide, and 52 inches long. $7.00 plus shipping, and there are currently TWO available.

UPDATE--NOW CURRENTLY FOUR-- There are currently FIVE fo these owl scarves available. These are longer verions of what we sold originally! Measuring in at a generous 77 inches plus fringe, these are made to be used by an older girl or adult. They could work for a smaller child, but would need wrapped around the neck a few times. Soft, warm and ever so cute! $8.00 a piece plus shipping.

UPDATED--ONE scarf available now! This super cute scarf is sized just right for little guys! Or big guys who don't want a lot of extra scarf. 49 inches long and 9 inches wide.  $7.00 a piece plus shipping, and there are TWO of these available.

It's starting to make a pile of stuff that needs sold around here. Add in all the teacup pincushions (see tab at the top of the blog, or read back for old blog posts) and you can see why we want to get these items moved on out of our lives!

Stay tuned--there are three fleece blankets coming yet!!! Two are the sweetest, most "girly" ones you could imagine I think, and then one adorable little boy blanket!! And then I'm done with fleece for this fundraising season, and will be moving on to other items. Soo if you want or need fleece (think ahead to next winter?!) then please buy NOW because once this stuff is gone, it's GONE.


The imPerfect Housewife said...

OK, I want the Mary Engelbreit tea cup pin cushion, the dog scarf, and an owl scarf. Just let me know what I owe you ~ you can e-mail me at Sbams5@gmail.com I'll go on Paypal and pay it directly to you. ♥

Sylvia MiaSara Truewell said...

I don't know if you've seen this, but it's a cute variation of the teacup pincushions that you make. Seems good for the not-so-pretty cups and saucers!

Hope Anne said...

Thank you, Sylvia, for sharing that! I will check out the site for any other ideas we can possibly use too! God bless, and thank you for your support in bringing Katya home!