"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dreaded Pink Slip

Those familiar with the adoption world know the sinking feeling that pulling an envelope showing PINK out of the mailbox creates.

That was the case on Thursday afternoon.

The reason for the Dreaded Pink Slip?? USCIS could not complete our application due to us "submitting a home study that is a copy and does not contain an original signature of the person completing the home study."

A. Our Agency can not even legally release a home study that is a copy!

B. They released 4 original copies to us. We verified that ourselves. The home study was on original, colored and textured letter-head with a clearly original signature of the SW who did our home study on the front page! The home study was an original, with an original signature when we placed it into the FedEx envelope and shipped it off to USCIS a few days before Christmas.

Unless it magically morphed into a copy before it reached the case officer's desk, it was still an original, with an original signature when he pulled it out of the envelope.

Needless to say, this absolutely ridiculous delay is frustrating. Our agency was going to to try to resend a new, original home study just like before, with one small difference--having the SW sign in BLUE ink instead of black.

Let's pray that does the trick--and does it quickly.

In other news, we have about slogged through all the major documents for our dossier (except for the USCIS "golden ticket" that we need to proceed!)!!! YE HAW! There are some minor no-big-deal ones that we can take care of ourselves for the most part now. Copies of tax returns and minor things like that. Something that takes time, but something that WE CAN CONTROL--unlike many of the other documents we have been fighting to obtain for weeks.

Thank God for progress. Thank God that the TIMING of all of this process is ultimately IN HIS HANDS. ;-) That makes me happy, even when I chafe at the delay because I know precious days of Katya's life are ticking away with out the family she needs, and without the medical care she needs.

We ask for fervent prayers that we would be able to raise the funds that are needed to complete this adoption, IN REALITY, we could be traveling in 2 or 3 months or so, depending on USCIS. That' isn't very long to finish raising what we need. We know God knows about it all though, and our trust is in Him.


MissyB said...

I will pray that this goes quickly for you...I know it is not easy when we hit "road blocks" on our journey, Our home study was supposed to have been complete in Dec. One document held us up. I was just looking at Katya's picture earlier...she is so cute and I love her facial expression on the RR picture.

Hevel said...

I was under the impression that official documents had to be signed in blue ink, or all black ink signatures are considered copy. So hopefully that will do the trick!

Hope Anne said...

Hevel, in the USA, supposedly a black pen is the way to go on official documents, so it's surprising that they have rejected it. Given that the signature was also on colored letter head, it's even MORE suprising. There is no way that it looked like a copy! So I think someone just felt like delaying our process . . . we'll trust that God has the timing all in His control anyway. ;-) And hopefully the blue pen is the key to the "Golden Ticket".