"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, January 10, 2011


Today it doesn't feel like much was accomplished, but I have to be thankful for what was, I think.

I successfully made contact with THE County Auditor and she graciously agreed to meet with us on Friday at 10:00 a.m. Unless a miracle occurs, it looks like Paul will have to be working that day and I'll have to face the whole thing alone. I'd really appreciate your prayers that I could handle this without the support of Paul there. It's not my idea of a fun time . . . esp. as she told me on the phone that they may need to have the county appraiser come out and walk through the house in order to give us what Katya's birth country wants. I am praying that is not necessasry as it would delay the process of getting our letter even further, and mean more stress for me--and probably increased taxes as we have finished more of the house than what they have from their last assessment. Not something we need or want right now when we have so many other expenses related to the adoption. Prayers, please?!

As for the rest of the day . . . I tried to get a live person multiple times at the USCIS--even using several different numbers. I did all kinds of stunts to try that . . .and got precisely NO WHERE. They have not returned my phone call that I placed to them last week mid-week. . . . so I left finally yet again another message begging for them to call me. We need an appointment letter for Todd to be fingerprinted with us on Jan 21st. Please continue to pray towards that end!

I also tried to make contact with a CPA that was suggested to us as someone who could possibly handle the required letter about Paul's employment. Very funny, since he is self-employed, and who would know better than he whether or not he's an employee in good standing?! But they won't accept it from him! He has to go in and tell a CPA that he's an employee in good standing, and is expected to continue to have work for the next forseable future so they can write that up on their letter head! (Yes, you can feel free to laugh here--join us!) Anyway . . . just got voice mail . . . left a message, heard nothing back so far.

So that was a good chunk of my day . . . plus I also ran to JoAnn's to pick up some bias tape for Charity to use. She's sewing some little children's cobbler style aprons in fun prints and colors. Look for them to show up on the blog or in our Etsy shop soon!

And just so we wouldn't feel too sress-free today . . . the washing machine quit. I feel VERY handicapped without my washer, and rather unhappy. But the good news is that it's going to be able to be fixed we think. The bad news is that Paul may not be able to get it fixed until Saturday . . . and that is going to mean ALOT of loads of wash at the laundramat!! We may have to get in practice for being in Katya's birth country and start wearing all our clothing except underwear and socks many times, eh?!


Milena said...

Please tell me you don't change all your clothes after having worn them just once? It's wears the clothes out faster, it's not good for our environment + it costs electricity to wash so often. You may be able so save some little money from wearing your clothes at least two days - except if they're actually dirty of course :-)
(Please, no harm meant, I just got so surprised!)

Hope Anne said...

No, we don't wear ALL our clothes only once. ;-) But we do wash them more here at home than we do abroad when we don't have access to a proper washer and dryer. We area trying hard to save money as much as we can in all the little every day areas too--and that includes "freeze drying" towels and things on the line even!

Milena said...

I'm relieved to hear that and thank you for understanding that I meant no harm! Of course we all wash more at once than when traveling - that makes perfectly sense.

Drying laundry on the line is what I always do since I don't have a dryer. It requires some line since there are five of us! But I have this practic multi-line thing from IKEA that hangs above the tub, and most laundry dry over-night except jeans and sheets.

You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Hope Anne said...

Not a problem, Milena! I know when we were in Russia we saw multi-line clothes lines above the tubs there too. ;-)