"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, January 31, 2011

Paved Highways

Even while we are wrapped up in our own battle for Katya, I don't want to lose sight of the others who are also battling for the children God has laid on their hearts.

In that spirit, I share the following blog post from my friend, Julia, with you today. It's worth your time reading.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dreaded Pink Slip

Those familiar with the adoption world know the sinking feeling that pulling an envelope showing PINK out of the mailbox creates.

That was the case on Thursday afternoon.

The reason for the Dreaded Pink Slip?? USCIS could not complete our application due to us "submitting a home study that is a copy and does not contain an original signature of the person completing the home study."

A. Our Agency can not even legally release a home study that is a copy!

B. They released 4 original copies to us. We verified that ourselves. The home study was on original, colored and textured letter-head with a clearly original signature of the SW who did our home study on the front page! The home study was an original, with an original signature when we placed it into the FedEx envelope and shipped it off to USCIS a few days before Christmas.

Unless it magically morphed into a copy before it reached the case officer's desk, it was still an original, with an original signature when he pulled it out of the envelope.

Needless to say, this absolutely ridiculous delay is frustrating. Our agency was going to to try to resend a new, original home study just like before, with one small difference--having the SW sign in BLUE ink instead of black.

Let's pray that does the trick--and does it quickly.

In other news, we have about slogged through all the major documents for our dossier (except for the USCIS "golden ticket" that we need to proceed!)!!! YE HAW! There are some minor no-big-deal ones that we can take care of ourselves for the most part now. Copies of tax returns and minor things like that. Something that takes time, but something that WE CAN CONTROL--unlike many of the other documents we have been fighting to obtain for weeks.

Thank God for progress. Thank God that the TIMING of all of this process is ultimately IN HIS HANDS. ;-) That makes me happy, even when I chafe at the delay because I know precious days of Katya's life are ticking away with out the family she needs, and without the medical care she needs.

We ask for fervent prayers that we would be able to raise the funds that are needed to complete this adoption, IN REALITY, we could be traveling in 2 or 3 months or so, depending on USCIS. That' isn't very long to finish raising what we need. We know God knows about it all though, and our trust is in Him.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stained Glass Fundraising Items

UPDATE:   The family who is making the stained glass items has agreed to take ORDERS for the Ohio "O" shown at the bottom of this blog post, due to the interest in it. PLEASE order by paying if you wish to order one made just for you! ;-) Again, the proceeds from these items are going to help bring Katya home!

The bulk of our dossier is DONE, so as soon as we can get USCIS clearance, we should be able to submit. That makes our fund raising needs REALLY URGENT. Thank you for spreading the word!
Recently a local family contacted us and shared that God had laid it on their heart to help bring Katya home. They had talked a lot about what to do, as a couple and as a family, and finally decided to make and donate stained glass items to us. They want to make Katya their ministry project for this year, and are committing to do all that they can each month to make some stained glass items for us to sell! Isn't that the coolest thing ever? It blesses us so much to see God moving in the hearts of others to help with Katya's urgent need to get home!

Here are the pieces we have available for sale right now. Stay tuned--more coming, God willing!.

This large piece is approximately 10 inches by 10 inches, and will look wonderful hanging in your window!

Love the frosted/etched glass details!

Asking $35.00 plus shipping--or will meet for pick-up if you are local!

This smaller piece is $10.00 and comes with a suction cup hook.

$10.00 plus shipping.

So delicate and dainty, this heart will adorn your window! $10.00 plus shipping.

Just right for fall decor, let this pumpkin add a touch of beauty to your home!!

$10.00 plus shipping. Includes suction cup.

PENDING SALE-- Has to be a Buckeye fan out there who will snap this one up!! O H I O!!! $10.00 plus shipping
Includes suction cup for hanging.

Please shoot me an email at: phdfam@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these items. First come, first sold!! We accept PayPal and checks or money orders for these items.

Please help bring little Miss Katya HOME to her Mommy and Daddy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Back in September of 2009, I had the privilege of helping to pull together a tiny team to go to Katya's birth country and work for a week in her orphanage. I thought some of you might like to read about that experience, so I'm sharing a post from my personal and more private blog.

I knew at the time I blogged this (and for quite some time before) that God was calling us to be Katya's family, but it took Paul almost another year before he began to see that God was the one calling us to Katya.

I was committed to praying for parents for Katya, even if it wasn't us. I can not tell you how many nights I sat up late, staring at her sweet little face and crying and praying for her. Why Katya,  you ask?? I don't know--I just know that God laid her on my heart--unmistakeably and undeniably. I know it, just as surely as I know He laid Kristina on our hearts when it was time to adopt her. I know it, even though the future with Katya looks rather uncertain and scary at times as we think about all her medical needs.

At any rate . . I hope you enjoy this peek at Miss Katya!

September 27, 2009

 As long time readers of my blog will know, Katya was the impetus for the trip to this particular orphanage. Ever since adopting our Kristina, we knew we wanted to someday start to organize teams of Osteopathic Physicians and possibly other medical professionals to go into the orphanages and asssist the children. So it wasn't a new idea at all to us--but we saw the need to start with Katya, and that was where God opened the doors for us. So, Little Loaves and Fishes was launched! And I do have more stories to share with you later about how God provided the "Loaves and Fishes" (ie funds) at the last minute (really last minute--but they were on time!) But for right now, I want to talk about Katya and share some of the photos of her with you.
Katya was pretty active, and rather "touchy" about her head being worked on. We quickly realized that some of that stemmed from her fear that her hair bows would be dislodged. Some of it also seemed that it was due to her head being extra sensitive to touch due to all the deformities.
One of the days though she seemed to realize that we were wanting to help her, and put her hands up to show where she wanted her head touched.
Isn't she gorgeous?! Look at the sparkle in her eyes! Please keep praying that a family steps forward for Katya and rescues her from the almost certain death awaiting her in the mental institution where she will be moved sometime in the coming months, pending a miracle.
On Thursday, we could hardly get her to hold still to be worked on. Finally, I took her into my arms and began to slowly sway with her and whisper in Russian that I loved her in her ear . . . she loved it and calmed down enough that the team could work with her.
Afterwards, Katya was so calm, and wanted to just nestle in my arms. I carried her back to her gruppa. They were already eating lunch, and so I sat and held her and fed her a good portion of her lunch (until my arm, which was already tired from holding her, got too tired to continue, then I offered her the spoon and she finished.)
We found out from N., our interpreter, that the care-givers were totally astonished. They said that Katya *never, ever* lets anyone hold her. They could not believe how calmly she allowed me to carry her and hold her, and wow--even feed her! I don't have all the answers to that, but I think she sensed the spirit of love that God has put into my heart for her, and maybe that is what partially made the difference.
The last day, we treated her in the a.m., and then in the afternoon before leaving the orphanage, asked to see her again. The two Docs were allowed to go to her gruppa where the kids were napping and treat her in her bed! This is amazing--and this is a testament to the doors God opened for us! The first day we were there, the orphanage was ready to send us away after meeting and talking with us, telling us to come back the next day to start working. We begged for, and finally were allowed to treat two kids--but refused any more, due to them all "napping".  When the Doc begged N. to ask if we could work on them while they slept, since especially with younger children that is often a very effective way of doing cranial-sacral work, her horrified face and the "NO! I won't even ask!" told me that I hadn't wrongly imagined that nap-time is considered almost sacred in the orphanages. So, as I said, the fact that we were allowed in to the room where the children were sleeping to treat Katya was a true indicator of the trust that finally developed on the part of the orphanage medical stuff as they saw how lovingly, carefully, and respectfully we treated the children.
Katya in her "gruppa" bed with Samantha.
Katya during her last treatment for the week.  God willing, she will have many more!
And now, one final "Katya story". I had stayed behind, praying for Dr. Chan and Samantha's work to be blessed to Katya's good while they were working on her in the children's bedroom. After they were done, Dr. Chan came to get me--"I think you need to come say Good-bye to her since it's obvious she and you have a connection--and I want you to see how much better her eyes look since we worked on them!"
I went tip-toing quietly with Dr. Chan and we were again given permission to enter the children's bedroom. I think all the rest of the children were sleeping, but Katya was laying quietly in her bed, wide awake. (She'd been awake when the Drs. went in too.) I bent down, snugged the covers up around her shoulders and whispered to her that I loved her, and told her good-bye (all in Russian). She grinned at me, and I gave her a kiss on her cheek. As I straightened up to go, she looked up at me and made puckering motions with her lips and looked at me with the most pleading look in her eyes. . . .  Needless to say, she got many more kisses before I left . . . .
"Dear God, Please send a Mama and Papa for Katya who will love her and kiss her and nuture her!"

Friday, January 21, 2011

More Creations

The fun stuff! More things made in our non-smoking home from high quality fabrics.

Charity made and sold these organic lavender sachets. Such a wonderful yummy smell!

With velvet hanging loops . . . the perfect size to slip into a card!

Or just enjoy hanging around your house!

Charity  loves to find a creative view.

Kristina was about ready to go to bed, but when she had a chance to be the photographer's helper, she jumped for it! She was thrilled to get to help do something to help bring Katya home!

Charity might consider making some more in assorted fabrics if you asked really, really nicely. ;-) Sold in sets of 3 for $10.00 a set.


An upscycled apron from an 'Old Navy' skirt. Charity carefully removed the zipper, hemmed up the edges and added ties in a perky polka-dot fabric. Charity says the apron reminds her of lemon-aide and strawberries! Just right for Valentine's or Spring--or any time really! Charity says that it's the kind of fun apron that would put a smile on her face in the mornings! It just might on yours too!

100% cotton and machine washable and dryable as a good apron should be.

32.5 inches across the apron, with the ties adding an additional approx 28 inches on each side. My size 8/10 daughter can wear it by bringing the ties around in front and knotting them, which looks really cute, and it will work well for larger sizes too with the apron tied in back--both options shown below.  Around 23 and 3/4 inches long, this sweet half-apron is just waiting for a buyer!

Asking $16.00 for this, and that includes shipping. You can pay via PayPal or Check. Shoot me an email at: phdfam@gmail.com if you are interested. Thank you for helping to bring Katya home!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



The last few days have been a whirlwind of ups and downs . . .

Thursday--Up--getting the packet of clearance letters from BCI and I (Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification).    DOWN--realizing they'd made Paul 3 years younger than he is, thereby rendering the letter invalid.

Friday--UP--meeting with the County Auditor and Appraisers and ending up basically having a great time with people who had a heart for Katya's needs.  DOWN--realizing that because the county assesses square footage for taxable purposes differently than a Social Worker does for living, we may have to have an amendment done to our home study. We aren't sure yet, but that issue is up in the air.  (Who wudda thunk that the county doesn't tax closets, OR the dormers OR the lower edges on a Cape Cod style house upstairs? They only tax LIVING space that is standard ceiling height! That is very good for us tax wise--taxes are high enough compared to property values . . . I'm grateful for whatever little break we get! But it has made things interesting for our adoption purposes, because the county info is to match our home study info!)

Friday--going to the Sheiff's office to get the incorrect date fixed on Paul's paperwork since BCI said that they could only print off what they were given. UP--being told they had entered it correctly. DOWN--being told that they couldn't do any thing to fix the issue since it was correct.

Monday we dropped off our children off in two different directions--Todd and Kristina to their friends house and Charity and Chad a little over an hour another direction to Charity's friend--who has a little brother that Chad could enjoy becoming friends with. Then the UP was that Paul and I got to go to Frankfort, KY just the two of us to get our marriage liscenss.  The DOWN was that the van's right front wheel bearing started going out about 30 min. before we got to our hotel. The UP was that the coupon for $5.00 off that I had for Olive Garden meant we got to eat there for supper for a reasonable price. (Drinking water and ordering inexpensive entrees helped too.) I'd been hungry for Olive Garden for a long time and we hadn't eaten there for quite a few years so it was a very big treat for me! The UP was that the points we'd accumlated from all Paul's business trips meant we could stay at a nice hotel for FREE.

Tuesday morning--UP was that we got a good breakfast at the hotel and then headed off  around 9:00 a.m. to find the Office of Vital Statistics a few minutes away from the hotel. DOWN was getting a call from the Sheiff's offiice that they discovered that they had made an error on Paul's birth date and he would need to come in and start the fingerprinting process all over again this week.

DOWN was that we spent around 30 min. circling and circling the parking lots trying to find a place to park. Finally found a place a long ways away from the building. We walked to it in the drizzling rain. Surrouned by the smells (cigarette smoke) and sounds of Kentucky (fun accents) we grabbed a clip board and filled out our application for our marriage liscenses.

After filling out the form, we turned it in and were told that the paperwork should be ready for us in approximately 45 min--to sit and wait until they called us to come up to the window to get it. That was do-able, we thought, and we settled ourselves to wait. The UP was meeting a nice gentleman there who was a professing Christian and having a pleasant conversation with him.

The DOWN was as we realized that person after person who had come after us was being given their paperwork and sent on their way. Finally, we were about the only ones left--even people who came AFTER us were getting theirs and going on their way. After we had waited for over an HOUR, I finally got up and asked when they would have it ready. They asked how long we had been waiting. I said well over an hour. The lady paged someone and in seconds they showed up with our copies in their hand. (Why didn't they call us?!)

SO, I asked, as we had been instructed to do by the first person we talked to, "Are these valid for an international adoption?" The lady got a angry look on her face and said, "NO! Why didn't you tell us that you needed them for that?!" I said, "I tried--the lady said she didn't know any thing about it and I'd have to ask you when you gave them to us."

The lady got a mean look on her face and in her eyes, and started to boil, but the lady who had given me that initial brush-off came and said, "She's right--I did tell her that--I didn't know any thing about it." (Good for her for taking  the heat! And I don't envy her, because that lady looked mad!)

Well, BIG FAT DOWN--they had NOT done the certificates so that they were OK for international adoption purposes . . . and so they said they'd have to take them back and re-do them. It would be at least another 45 min. We told them then that we'd go eat lunch and be back by 12:15.

SO we rushed off and up the street to a Wendy's, got the food to go and were back before 12:15. We waited some more, and finally they called us up. I took one look and my spirits sank. Yes, they had properly done the signature now, BUT when they wrote the date by hand they had written it in large letters and numerals in a tiny space--and put about half of each letter and numeral on top of the lines of writing above it, thereby rendering the document invalid for legal adoption purposes! I apologized profusely but told the female (different one than the last time) that it would have to be re-done again! That was a DOUBLE-FAT DOWN.

We had to STAND for over 45 min. waiting AGAIN because the place was packed and there weren't enough seats for even 50% of the people who were there. Finally, right before 1:30 they calle us up there and finally this time it was right as nearly as we could tell. That was a UP!

We headed over to the State Capital building and without too much hassle found a place to park. Tucked our precious documents under our coat and trotted in to the building. Isn't it lovely?! It was a wonderful, majestic building!

We stopped long enough to snap a phot of Paul holding the elusive documents before heading into the building. Look at the top of the photo, and you can see the rain falling!

After being security screened (metal detector etc.) we were given clearance stickers and allowed in. We were concerned that perhaps we couldn't get the marriage liscenses apostilled due to how late it was getting in the day, but thankfully the office was still open. And what a warm reception we had there! The office was pleasant and homey with several desks with cheeful,  helpful ladies working. There were plants and just a generally, homey, cozy atmosphere that was a huge constrast to the Office of Vital Statistics. The emotions of the past several hours and the difference in the atmospheres were in such stark, stark contrast! The lady who waited on us was so kind, cheerful, and helpful--and that office was super-efficient! Like Paul said, it was hard to believe we could even get up and leave after about 5 minutes! But weren't we happy to be able to be DONE with what we had set out to do!
Check it out!

We took a few minutes to walk around looking at the lovely building before heading out.
A sample of the art work.

There was a display of dolls representing each of the First Ladies--wives of the governors from the beginning till now. Research allowed them to dress each doll in peiod correct costumes. It was very interesting. These snaps show only a small fraction of the dolls.

All in all, we had a very fun time walking around and using our eyes, (A great big UP!)  and then we left to head for home. Here is the view as we came out of the building.

And as we walked to our van, we could see this.

We headed for home in the rain with a stop for supper at Bob Evan's--thanks to a coupon for a free cup of soup we had a reasonably priced supper that was warm and tasty. We got home in time to pick up Kristina and Todd from their friend's house, and were able to get to bed before midnight. It was a long day, but we are thankful for God's help and safety! And I was grateful for the chance to spend some time with my hubby even if it was sitting around! There is no one I would have rather spent a crazy day like that with than him, so it was good we were able to go together. ;-) And we were very grateful for friends who baby sat so the children didn't have to go through all of that sitting around! Their baby sitting was very helpful and needful to our adoption process--thank you, friends!! Thank you also to those who prayed for us, esp. the friend who got a phone call after they took our documents back the second time to try to turn out a 3rd correct set!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Fleece Blanket

This two layer fleece blanket is approximately 37 by 48 inches plus fringed edges. Made in our non-smoking home by yours truly. Machine wash and dry.  Asking $35.00 plus shipping. I will calculate approximate shipping once I know where you live, and then you can pay via PayPal at phdfam@gmail.com OR by personal check. (Cute little boy who is enjoying helping model this blanket isn't included!)

Check the Thermometer!!!

Hey folks, check the thermometer on the right hand side of the blog that keeps track of how much has been donated to us for Katya's adoption or fundraised by us. Notice anything?? It just jumped by ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Yes, you read that right!!! I don't know for sure all the details or how it all came about, but a church that friends of ours go to has donated $1,000 to help bring Katya home!! We are soooo blessed by this . . . Seriously blessed! They were given the check today by the church, and will make sure it gets to us.

Can we hear a loud shout of praise to God?? And thankfulness for this church having the heart of God and caring that much about an orphan they have never met??? I am sure God is looking down today with pleasure in His heart as He sees them stepping out in obedience to Him and His comands to care for the orphans.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Chance to Help A Friend AND Possibly Katya!

Amy and her Mother, Ann, who are dear friends of our family, and have been doing every thing they can to help get Katya home, have another great idea! It will be a fun way for you to help them, AND have the potential of helping Katya! And for anyone who has daughters who love American Girl dolls, or dolls in general . . . check it out! http://wintersedgehome.blogspot.com/2011/01/little-spring-for-girls.html

If they win, they will use it as a chance to help bring Katya HOME.


Now on from Spring to Sachets-- Charity sold a set of 3 of these lavender sachets and has an order for another set of 3!

We are selling them for $10.00 a set of three, with shipping included if to the Lower 48 states. If you order more than one set, we combine shipping.

Charity will be making then in an assortment of fabrics that are suitable for Valentine's Day. They are the right size to slip in a card to send to a friend, tuck in a drawer to perfume it, or slip over a hanger to keep your closet fresh! Lots of ways you can use these sweetly scented sachets.
You can order by leaving a comment on this post, or by shooting an email to phdfam@gmail.com


It's starting to feel more real that Katya could be coming home soon. Today I took the chance to purchase most of her "coming home" outfit. I still need to get a blouse and shoes for her, but we have a set of underwear, a red with white polka dots jumper, and matching tights, and of course . . . can't forget the hairbow! This one has white ribbons with red hearts and red plain ribbons etc. I picked red because red is such a happy color for me . . . the jumper fabric is kind of a knit that won't wrinkle with all the travel. . . red shows up if your child decides to make a run for it and it's easy enough to describe a child dressed in a red dress and tights with white polka dots! I hope we never have to do that, but I am planning to be prepared just in case!

As to the shoes, I think we are going to wait till we are in country to purchase them, as well as any other clothing she needs to get home beyond what little we have on hand. We don't know her exact size, and I'm only guessing from knowing about how she was in Sept of 2009, and comparing Chad's size now to what she might be. She wasn't tiny back then, and I thought at the time she was comparable to Chad's weight--maybe even a tiny bit taller than he was so I would expect a similar size could be the case now too. Time will tell once we can see for ourselves!

Back to the clothing I purchased . . .  another good point . . . Kristina is VERY excited about coordinating and/or matching with her little sister! And this will give her a chance to coordinate because she has the same tights--red with white polka dots! Add a denim skirt and a plain red blouse and Kristina and Katya can coordinate nicely. ;-) I can't wait to see those two together . . . can you?! As opposite in coloring and looks as can be . . . but I bet they will learn to love each other dearly with time! It's taken time for Charity and Kristina to really learn to love each other, but it comes more and more--I see it in the way Charity tucks Kristina in at night when she goes up to bed, and in the way Kristina looks to Charity for advice and help. Such a blessing to see the love growing there . . . and I look forward to watching that happen with their new sister too!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sachets--and Updates

First of all, I have to tell you how happy we are that things are selling! We get so excited when an item sells! I'm taking three packages to the Post Office tomorrow, so if you have purchased something this week, it's going out tomorrow, God willing.

Tonight Charity worked hard after supper coming up with some ideas for Lavender Sachets. We are using ORGANIC lavender and wow, does it smell wonderful! She had to try several different ideas before she got one that satisfied her that it was good enough to show.

Here it is:

What do you think?? I think it's cute and just perfect to slip into a card for Valentine's Day. We hope to get some other options up soon, but we are having to figure this out as we go, so it could take a bit. We also are wanting to try to make at least a lot of these so that they are in the $4.00 price range--some might be larger or more elaborate and therefore more expensive. But we thought that having some inexpensive ones would hopefully allow poeple to purchase several. The smell is so sweet that you surely will want several for your home after you get it, so buy more than one to begin with, right?! ;-)

Now, for the NEWS. The police clearances arrived yesterday, oh joy! BUT . . . to mar that joy was the fact that they had made my hubby 3 years younger than he really is! So this morning bright and early I called BCI and was told that it wasn't THEIR fault, and there was nothing THEY could do about it! They assured me mostly solemnly that our local Sheriff's office input the date wrong, and they can ONLY print off what is in the system. When I asked what I was to do to get a corrected piece of paper in my hand, beings as Katya's birth country is VERRRRYYYY particular, they told me we would have to go back to the Sheriff's office and ask them to correct it, then fill out a new applicattion and get it sent off to them to process. Needless to say, that was pretty distressing, but off we went to town since we had the 10:00 a.m. appt. with the county auditor. I will save the details about the auditor till another time since I MUST get to bed soon, but after the meeting we went to the fingerprinting office of the Sheriff's Dept.

It was kind of funny because as soon as they looked up and saw us, the first words out of their mouth were, "Back again so soon?!" (Do you think they KNOW us in there by now, or not?!) We explained and they took the letter and went off to the computer to look it up. Lo and behold . . . they had the correct date in their computer!!! Hmmmm. So what are we to do NOW we asked? She went and got her supervisor, and she said that they couldn't do anything because they have it correct, and it IS BCI's problem and they need to issue us a new letter! We said that they had refused. She said she would call the Supervisor, V., in BCI. But she wasn't able to get ahold of her on the phone while we were there so we left with them promising to work on the matter. So it goes . . . .  Monday is a holiday so the clock ticks along and we still don't have what we need but I'm trusting God that He will provide it IN HIS GOOD TIMING.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


So very many exciting things have happend in the last 24 hours that I'm not being able to keep up blogging about them!!

First of all . . . BIG PRAISE AND SHOUT OUT TO GOD--we have Todd's fingerprint appointment letter IN HAND now and he can go with us on the 21st for fingerprinting! Thank you to those who have prayed--and thank you to Officer L. who got right on the ball when I finally got through to a live person yesterday!! I now am in posession of all her contact info so I'm good if there are any more issues!

We also had a couple of big surprises yesterday!!

First of all, a very special couple who has been praying and caring about Katya for a long time already, and who helped us be able to do the Little Loaves and Fishes trip with the Doctors to her orphanage in 2009 stepped forward with a great idea! The Mr. got permission from his place of work to do a "Jean's Day for Katya" the last week in March! People will donate to Katya's Reece's Rainbow grant fund in exchange for being able to wear casual wear to work that day! How very, very cool is that?! I am told that when this particular company does that, they normally raise between $500-$800 for whatever non-profit they are raising funds for! Wouldn't it be totally cool if that much gets raised for Katya?!

Secondly, Lauren started a NEW BLOG to raise funds for Katya, and YOU have a chance to receive a scarf as a thank you gift for a $5.00 or more donation to Katya's fund. Leave a comment on their blog after you donate so she knows to enter you in the drawing! Lauren's account of how God moved on her heart after she saw Katya's picture, and the words God spoke to her about Katya moved me deeply. " When I first saw this picture and read her story, the only thoughts that filled my head were like someone shouting, "God created this little girl to live and touch other lives- she is not meant to die!    Amen!!! And Amen!!!! I don't know what all God's purposes are for Katya . . . but I KNOW she wants a Mommy to love her and kiss her. I will share with all of you sometime soon the story of my last kisses to her back in Sept of 2009. Can't wait to get back and give her some more! And with the help of so many of you, that is becoming a reality!! Katya, Hang on--We are Coming Soon!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Can She Bake A Cherry Pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?!"

When I was a child, I remember my grandma singing, "Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?!"

Well, I don't think we can offer you a Chery Pie today, but we can certainly offer you a CHERRY COBBLER APRON!

Behold! An apron made in vintage retro look fabrics. 100% brand new and from our local Jo-Ann's originally--dug out from our stash for this project!

This beauty is the same size as the previous ones Charity has made. It's 100% cotton high quality fabric, ties on each side and has a generous pocket for your little one's treasures.

Charity even "frenches" the shoulder seams for neatness and durability. No raw edges show anywhere on this apron!

Again you can see Charity's attention to detail.

What little girl can you see wearing this sweet piece?

It can be YOURS for $16.00 and that includes shipping to USA readers. Made with love in our non-smoking home. Shoot me a message if you want it--first come, first served!