"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Are Blessed

Tis a long story . . .  and I can't tell it all . . . but we are so blessed tonight. As part of our paperwork process that is required by Katya's birth country, we needed to get in touch with the bank that holds our mortgage. After some initial contacts Paul had with "Mr. A" at the bank, we both went in together today. Paul had said nothing to me about his initial impressions or feelings about the man except that he seemed willing to try to help us if he could.

People, we walked out of there just about blown away by God . . . well . . . at least, I was! Paul told me then that he had suspected due to his initial contacts that Mr. A. was a genuine Christian but Paul hadn't given me even a hint of that before today! Turns out that not only is Mr. A. a genuine Christian, but he has a heart like God wants us to have--he cares about what goes on with the widows and orphans! Further, he is a great fan of Steven Curtis Chapman, loves his music AND what he's doing with Shoannah's Hope for orphans. Praise God!!!

We had a great few minutes sharing some of our stories of how God worked for Kristina's adoption to provide for us and how God has been providing for Katya's adoption process too so far! It was one of those special times of God ministering renewed courage and faith to our hearts--first of all because it was so obvious that Mr. A. really had a tender heart for orphans, and second because we could marvel together at God's provisions in a situation (ie Kristina's adoption) that seemed financially foolish and impossible to man in order to provide a family for a little girl that was about to be classed as "unadoptable" by men and sent to a mental institution.

After some of the discouraging things we have been going through, it was a true blessing to almost hear God gently whisper, "I care. I lead you to someone who can sympathise with your urgency for Katya . . . someone who will do whatever he can to smooth the process of getting your required documents. I care about her--and I care about you. Don't forget."

Today we read over our homestudy with an eye for every little detail for what is hopefully the very last time. I hope to soon be holding the notarized copy that we can submit to USCIS with our application and fees. (We had hoped to do that earlier before the fees raised, but then it was decided we should just wait and submit every thing together.)

I will continue to add items to Esty as I can that are left from the craft bazaar. It wasn't possible to get more up today. I hope to add the blankets tomorrow if I can find time to squeeze it in. I'm VERY happy that 2 of the spiders and the hotpad sold from listing them on the blog here. ;-) Now, does anyone want the teacup pincushions?!

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