"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, December 13, 2010

THE VOTE and a few other tidbits

My online friend, Julia, again does a great job of summing up info  . . . you can go read her post HERE to learn more about what is going on with "THE VOTE". KEEP ON PRAYING, folks!  The children of U*raine need your prayers!!! At a bare minimum, the wording needs to change so that children can continue to be adopted. Little lives are waiting for their famiiles--for a chance to be loved and hugged and kissed and told about God and His love for them!

This morning I was wakened while in the middle of another dream about Katya and her orphanage. In the dream, I had taken another team (larger this time) to go back to her orphanage and was sitting and explaining to the staff what resources and capabilities we had, and how we were there all eager and ready to help the children. It was sooo good to be there again with the children . . . and so hard to wake up and realize it was only a dream . . .  I truly regret that I have only one life to live . . . only one life to pour out for the children who need love and help . . . my life is slipping away too fast . . . I'm getting too old to get done all that I would like to accomplish for God and the children before I am too old and feeble or dead. However, I will do what I can do--I will not let the fact that I can't do all I want to do stop me from what I can do!!


And in case you wondering what we are up to the last few days . . . The ever on-going adoption paperwork, AND I'm working on pulling together some more items to sell in our Esty shop (see the link for it on the right hand side bar!) or our blog here. We definitely need to keep working hard to raise funds. While working to raise funds, we are also choosing to do without so that we have as much of our own money towards the adoption as we can. Christmas is never too much of a big expense at our house, but we have cut even further this year. Each of the children is getting a book --and the two younger ones are each getting one toy a piece. Kristina's item is something we purchased gently used at an adoption fundraiser earlier in the year and hid for Christmas and we will pick up a small Lego set for Chad the Lego Lover.

We do not think it's right to ask others to give for Katya's sake and not be willing to live sacrificially ourselves. We are doing our "Groceries for $20.00 a Week"  challenge again. We choose to do that last year when Paul had a prolonged stretch of little work so that we could stay financially afloat. Shopping our own cupboards and freezer meant we could spend our $20.00 a week on only the very most essential items. It was a bit interesting at times, and very challenging at times with a family of six. And it did finally get pretty old after it went on far longer than was comfortable, but WE DID IT, and we never went hungry! We are choosing to go that route again to help free money up for the immediate adoption expenses we are facing right now. Thankfully, we are well stocked again, and so we should be fine for awhile. And there are other ways we are scrimping and doing without. For instance, if you came to visit you'd notice that we haven't replaced our powerhead that quit on the sweeper. We are vacuuming the carpet with our hard floor brush which helps but doesn't really get that great of job. . . . however. . . the money is better spent right now on adoption costs! There will be time after Katya is home to replace the sweeper power head.

I hope you don't mind our sharing honestly with you. We want you to understand HOW SERIOUSLY we appreciate the sacrifices you are making to help bring Katya home, and to let you know, we are sacrificing too because we really do love and value her and her life! We consider it a joy to be able to work hard towards bringing her into our home.

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