"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You and More

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Those words seem inadequate to express the appreciation in our hearts for the help you have given us in our quest to adopt Katya! People have bought items from our blog and our Etsy Shop. People have blogged about our fundraiser items. Some people have made outright donations. Many of you (maybe all of you?) are praying hard for the adoption process to go quickly, for the funds to come in, for the timing of every thing, and for sweet Katya to remain in her orphanage, not be moved to the institution before we can get there to save her life.

ALL of it is appreciated! ALL of it is NEEDED.

We can take care of Katya after she is home. We can't come up with $25,000 on our own in just a few short months. Katya needs to get home so she can be evaluated. She may urgently need surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain--we don't know yet, but as I posted earlier, she may very well need that. We do know she isn't talking, and that the Doctors who evaluated her as well as they could over a year ago told us that they believed the indent in her skull bones ABOVE THE SPEECH CENTER OF HER BRAIN. could very well be hindering her from being able to speak. Katya will be 6 THIS MONTH. Imagine being 6 and not able to speak--not one word. Imagine further . . . and imagine that you are ripped from the only home you have ever known and are moved to a mental institution where you are shoved into a bed and told to lay there and be quiet. And if you--active, bright child that you are--get up out of bed, you are roughly drugged and tied into your bed. Strapped down. Day after day. If you are lucky, you have a bowl of gruel poured down your throat once or twice a day. No toys. No stimualtion other than what you can provide for yourself by chewing on your fingers or banging your head.

THAT friends, is what we are FIGHTING against time about . . . we don't have a lot of time to fundraise so we appreciate ALL your help.

Now . . . here's the point to all this ranting . . .   (yes, I know you were wondering!)  We have had so many orders for the owl scarves (YES!) that we needed to go out and purchase some more fabric! In fact, we bought up the last 2 yards that were on the bolt! So . . . I'm asking . . . would you please place some orders for scarves? ;-) They are $7.00 a piece, plus shipping. Depends on how many you want, and how they are shipped what the shipping costs will be.

These scarves are made carefully and lovingly in our non-smoking home. And they will go to help bring Katya HOME!!

People ask us if we are "ready for Christmas" and I just laugh . . . Christmas? We have hardly had time to think about Christmas in the traditional sense of what people usually mean by that phrase. We've been too busy with doing all that needs done to try to bring Katya home to do more than slap a wreath on the front door. LITERALLY, that is IT in terms of winter decorating. No bowls of ornaments, no ornaments hanging from the chandeliers. No lights, no piney wreaths. We haven't had time to wrap presents or things like that.

But in the midst of all this craziness . . . there is true joy in my heart. And I have pondered often the true meaning of Christmas. And I think Jesus would feel right at home here at our house. He would understand sacrficing to save a life. He would understand doing without so that others may have. He would understand working hard to accomplish something huge and big and important in the life of another person.

Yup. I think He would really "get it". And that makes me happy  . . . and maybe the true "Spirit of Christmas" is here in our home this year. I like to think it is. When I see Charity working long hours to help craft the items we are selling, I see the spirit of Jesus shinning through her. When Todd washes extra dishes so Charity is free to sew, I see the spirit of Jesus. When Paul hunches over the table, measuring and cutting the fleece into the scarf strips for me to then measure, cut and fringe, I see the unselfish love Jesus wants us to show. When Kristina sits and painstakingly beads spider legs for Charity to craft into the spider ornaments, I see Jesus and His Joy in Giving. Because Kristina really, truly is HAPPY to be helping bring Katya home. She knows first-hand what it is like to be an orphan, and the wonderful change that has come into her life since she has a family. She WANTS to work hard and help bringing Katya home. And when Chad chooses to do without things he really would like, and when he races around the house turning off lights to "save money for Katya", I see in him the heart that Jesus wants us to have. When he gets agitated and tells us, "You need to HURRY and get Katya--she is sad without us!" I see Jesus' love lighting up his life.

Yes, I think the Spirit of Christmas has come to our home . . . and it's wonderful.


alison said...

These scarves are so lovely!

Hope Anne said...

Thank you, Alison. I am glad you liked the ones you ordered! ;-)