"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pressing Onward . . .

Here's a snap from the backside of our table, facing out, at the craft bazaar Friday.

On the left of the photo you can see the fleece turtle lap robe (still available) and the poinsetta blanket (sold). The tea cup pin cushions are all still available.  The other two fleece blankets to the right of the photo are still for sale too. They are large and thick and warm. In front of the turtle and poinsetta blankets you can see the stack of fleece scarves. We sold two of those, but there are still some of them available.

Only one of Charity's six spider ornaments sold. There are 5 left. Each of these are one-of-a-kind, and are very beautful. There are a variety of legends that go with these spiders, detailing how they came to be an accepted tree decoration in some countries. Do some googling if you like to find one that you enjoy.  I should point out that I have seen spiders that I don't think that are nearly as elegant as the ones Charity makes (of course, I am her Mom, but still . . . ) for sale on Esty in the $39.00 price range. Charity was only asking $6.00 for hers at the Craft Bazaar. Should I up the price a bit?! ;-)

Look at how pretty they are! Charity puts great care into making them.

Tea Cup Pincushion with Roses

And the backside

Another shot . . .

Green Teacup Pincushion

I should add that on this particular set, while both the cup and the saucer were made in Japan, they are not from the same set. We found them paired as a set at the thrift store, but it was easy to tell with a bit of studying of details that they didn't belong from the same set. But it works beautifully for this purpose, and lends a bit of charm to it, if you ask me.  We were asking $15.00 for each of the pin cushions.

This one is kind of simple and looks sturdy and dignified to me, in a cheerful way.

And the back of it . . .
You can thank Charity for these photos  . . . taken on her antique chest that she found and snapped up at a thrift store. It now houses Kristina's Russian tea set and Charity's beading supplies.

Thank you for all your supportive comments. It means a TON . . . yesterday I was so tired and felt overwhelmed with how hard we had worked, and all we had ignored here around home that needed done . . . and then so little . . . but God has shown me again today that HE KNOWS where the money is coming from. My job is to work, yes, but more than that . . . my job, my responsibility is to TRUST . . . to TRUST His heart. To trust His good purposes and intentions for Katya and for us . . . to TRUST that HE knows who has the money and the abiilty to help us get Katya home. I don't need to stress too much. I don't need to fret . . . I most certainly do NOT need to lose focus on Katya's need for a family, nor to lose sight of the fact that He which has called WILL BE FAITHFUL TO PERFORM HIS WILL. I do not need to lose my joy, my peace, or my focus. I can work, and advocate, and yell, and holler and pester everyone silly to help bring Katya home . . . yes. I can do all of that. But more than ALL OF THAT, I have to remember that GOD KNOWS EXACTLY HOW the money is going to come in. EXACTLY. His ideas are better than mine. His purposes are way beyond our comprehension. And I will chose to trust God, and to trust that HE KNOWS. My heart finds rest in that tonight . . .

Tomorrow . . . I will work on listing these items for sale in the Etsy shop. But if anyone wants to speak up for them now . . . shoot me a message. The scarves are $7.00, the turtle lap robe is $15,00 due to it's smaller size (perfect for someone in a wheelchair or for kids in a vehicle or a baby in a car seat). The other two blankets are larger and are $35.00 apiece.   I have no clue about shipping yet--I would have to check with the PO on that due to their weight.


Julia said...

I want two of the spiders - I want to pay 10.00 each plus shipping... Send me an invoice and I will pay...

Julia Nalle - covenantb@yahoo.com

Kimmie said...

Bless you...rest in Him, He is your provision and all you need. I am praying for you...may He bless you out of His great abundance. May He also bless the workings of your hands in ways that surprise and refresh your heart.