"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Please Buy Me!"

UPDATE--thanks to FB friends spreading the word, we have several items already "Pending Sale"--that was FAST--THANK YOU!!! Please check out the items still for sale here, as well as in a previous post.

Only ONE hand-beaded spider ornament left! "Please buy me!"

Pending Sale

Pending Sale

This handmade spider ornament is intended to hang on your tree for Christmas (or if you do like we do, and observe the Russian tradition of a "New Year's Tree" and keep your Christmas separate, then hang it on your New Year's Tree!)

Asking $8.00 for this spider, plus $2.50 shipping, unless you want it Priority Mail--in that case, $4.50  A blog reader that purchased two of the spiders reported that she was "stunned" when she pulled the spiders out of the box at how beautiful they were. She'd originally planned to give both of them away, but instead decided to keep one for her family. That is what we like to hear!


Pending Sale

There are THREE fleece scarves like the one available for sale at $7.00 apiece, plus shipping. They are warm, soft, and pre-washed 100% fleece that is machine washable and dryable.  Just perfect for little girls,  with the popular owls that are so "in" this year. Approximately 43 inches long from fringe to fringe, and  9 inches wide.


Large lot of vintage/antique Sunday School Reward Cards

I have raided my shelves to pull off what I think I can sell to help raise funds to bring Katya home. We had these on hand figuring we would eventually incorporate them into a craft or scrapbooking project, but I would much rather move them on out now and have the money to help Katya come home! As nearly as I can tell by researching prices on these types of cards, they typically run around $1.00 a card or more if sold online. Some of these cards have a bit of penciling or crayon, as little ones are wont to do. However, in my opinion, they are ALL lovely due to their age! Check out some of the dates!



The colors are still beautiful.

Asking just $21.00 for this lot . . . that is less than 75 cents a card. Shipping will depend on what method you choose. I would suggest Priority Mail due to the fact that these could not easily be replaced if they were lost or damaged in the mail.

And one more item for someone who chrochets! A vintage pattern book. I've seen prices ranging up to around $20.00 for this book. Also as low as $4.00. This one is in very good condition, and it's tempting to ask for the $20.00. However, I think a more fair price is probably $12.00 and that includes shipping via whatever method is cheap and reliable (hopefully). If you want something more than that, let me know!

So many fun ideas!

And that wraps up this post, folks! We hope you find something that you like to purchase, because all proceeds raised will go to help bring Miss Katya in Eastern Europe HOME.

(PS. Yes, we are working on getting another fundraiser set up--this time one for TUPPERWARE! Stay tuned for details after Christmas.)


alison said...

I would really like to purchase the spider and the three scarves. Shall I send you money via PayPal? Please advise. :)

Hope Anne said...

Yes, PayPal is fine--and if you ask Amy W. how to do it, she can tell you the best way so that we don't get a chunk of money taken by PayPal. ;-) THANK YOU SO MUCH. If you put on a total of $5.50 for shipping, plus the cost of the items, I think that should do it easily via Priority Mail. I hope you enjoy! And we will try to ship as soon as we can get out of our snowy country road to the Post Office! God bless!

alison said...

Everything is beautiful! Thank you so much! I'm praying for you all.