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Friday, December 3, 2010

List of SOLD Items

The Thomas the Tank Engine fleece blanket was the first item to go. We also sold:

* The poinsetta fleece blanket pictured in the previous post.

* A child's cobbler apron Charity had sewn with left-over fabric from another apron project.

* One scarf made from fleece

* One of the spiders

* One hot pad

And 5 cupcakes.

There weren't very many people who came . . . . please pray for more customers tomorrow. We didn't even hit $100 tonight in sales. At least we DID make enough to cover the $10.00 table cost plus some, but we haven't even gotten the whole cost of our materials back yet. Even though we raided our stash for what we could and shopped the Black Friday sales very carefully, there was still a signficant investment of materials put into this whole craft bazaar, so I'd like to at least break even.

The good news is that even if we don't sell all our items at the sale, we can possibly sell them by listing them for sale in our Estsy shop. (See the button for that on the right hand side of the blog?!)

Charity kept me company at the sale . . . I think she deserved that after all the hard work she put into the project!

Now, to bed. Tomorrow is an other early start to the day with violin and Japanese classes for my teens, and we'll be barely home from that when it's time for me to turn around and run back for the craft bazaar. If you are local, PLEASE consider showing up and helping support the crafters! I was very thankful for one homeschool friend who did show up tonight! (Hope you enjoy your spider, Dawn!)

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Hevel said...

With yesterday being a regular weekday, I do think that today there will be more people! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.