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Friday, December 10, 2010

Guest Post from Amy Wakefield - Sucess at Fabric stores :)

Hi Everyone...it's Amy Wakefield; I do a lot of the online tech stuff for the Dueck family, including maintaining the Little Loaves and Fishes website, and creating graphics (business cards, flyers, brochures) for Bringing Katya Home and Little Loaves and Fishes.
Mrs. Dueck asked me to do a guest post today on what happened today....
I had printed out a stack of 3 1/2" x 5" cards that were similar in design to the header on this blog, with some information and pictures on the back, to take to one of our favorite fabric stores, JEllan's, today. Mom told me last night that she also wanted to stop at another one of her favorite fabric shops, The Little Red Quilt Shoppe, today as well. So I printed out a stack of regular-sized business cards as well, intending to set them out at the Little Red shoppe. I was a little nervous because I don't know the owners of the shop as well as Mom does, but she got the ball rolling and after I gave a little introductory speech, I asked the lady if she would be willing to set out the business cards on her counter. Not only did she say yes, but she was extremely excited and pleased about the prospect, AND she wants to do a fundraiser for Katya and the Duecks at their shop. How it will work is that they're going to have a coupon drawing. People can draw for coupons from a large bowl for 10-50% off any item in the store. For every time they draw, they can donate $5 to the cause. She did this once before and they raised $150 for another cause. And she wants to do it two different days, one in December, and one in January. Just think...if we raise $150 a day, we'll be raising $300!!! :-)
After that pleasing result under our belt, we headed to JEllen's. I knew the owner of this shop (her name was Joyce) pretty well. I had talked to her in the past about the Duecks, Katya, and they supported Reece's Rainbow once as well a few months back. Joyce's daughter, Sarah, was born with Down's Syndrome, which is why they chose to support Reece's Rainbow.
Anyway, while Joyce was cutting our fabric, I jumped in and showed her the cards. She was very excited as well and instantly responded that I could put them out on her counter, and she would wanted to know if I could email her a picture so that she could post on their blog about it. She mentioned that their blog gets 1,000+ (yes, 3 zeros!) hits a day!
I am so happy about these results today. Both of these fabric shopps do good business and while they're not packed, they've got a steady stream of customers at their indivual stores and news about Katya will definitely spread.
Praise To the Lord God Almighty!

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