"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Give Away--for USA readers

I love my blog readers. Your comments encourage me. Seeing that you are following our blog inspires me. Knowing you are shopping our blog and Etsy shop fill me with gratefulness. Donations make me positively giddy! (Yes, I'll be honest about that--they do! You could ask my family if you don't believe me. . . ).

So . . .as much as I wish I could really thank each and every one of you personally and with a gift . . . I can't. Realistically speaking, I just can't. But our entire family appreciates it . . . so much!

And so, we want to offer a tiny token of our gratitude. So . . . I'm having a give-away for USA readers. There are several ways you can be entered to win something that is delightful on a winter day--or any day, if you ask me--CHOCOLATE! Made by the Bloomer Chocolate Factory! Yes, do go check out the link and drool! But don't spend too much time drooling! Get it done so you can go do one or more things to get your name added to the give-away drawing!

#1. Share about Katya's blog on your Facebook and ask your FB friends to check us out.

#2. Blog about us with a link to Katya's blog.

#3. Make a donation to Katya's fund through Reece's Rainbow OR through our PayPal button on the right hand side bar. (Both buttons are there).

#4. Officially begin following us.

Do one or two or all  three of those things, and leave me an email on this post telling what you did, and giving me a way to contact you via email. For each thing you do, I will put your name into the basket one time. So if you FB and donate, your name goes in twice. If you blog, facebook, AND donate, three times, and so on.

And then . . . HURRAY! SOMEONE will get BLOOMERS CHOCOLATES! ;-)

Doesn't that look YUMMY?!

All Time Favorite Assortment

I wish so much I could extend this offer to my international readers, but I know the cost of shipping even a small item would be prohibitive for us right now when as much money as we can needs to go into Katya's fund. On the other hand . . . you are still welcome (and it would be forever appreciated!) if you would share the word about Katya's blog and her urgent need for a family anyway out of the sheer goodness of your hearts. . .  I know I have some VERY supportive international readers who have been doing so already, and if there are others who wish to help, you are more than welcome to do so.

Waiting to see how many people leave a comment with their info (just ONE comment per person, please--if you want to comment again, please pull your first comment so I don't get confused about how many people are participating! Thank you!)

The drawing will be held on December 29th, so all entries need to be in there. And yes, there is a very significant reason I chose the 29th . . . but you'll have to wait until Katya is officially ours before I can announce THAT on this blog!


Bogaranty├║ said...

Mmmmm, chocolate! For once I wish I was in the States! We posted your button on our blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! We donated a small amount. We are praying for Katya and your family! The Ristow 6 in WI

Jen Stevens said...

I shared on Facebook, put your button on my blog, and became a follower.

Praying for God to bless your journey and the addition of Katya to your beautiful family.

Tiffany said...

We just brought home a 4 year old daughter from Russia in March. Saw Katya's picture on RR after that and have been praying for her. So glad she's going to have a Christian family. Posted a link to your blog and info about your FB page on my FB page. Will continue to pray.