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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blankets for Sale FOR KATYA

I am listing the three fleece blankets left from the fundraiser on here, praying that they sell fast. We have some unexpected adoption related expenses coming up at us and we need to raise the money for them. Would you please consider advocating for these to sell on your blogs or facebook, as well as pointing people towards our donation buttons and Esty shop?! Thank you! And without further ado . . . the blankets!

Brand new fleece, made by us in our non-smoking home. The printed side says, "I love Grandma."

And another view . .

This blanket is approximately 45 inches by 48 inches and is soft and warm. We were asking $35.00 for this blanket at the craft fair. I regret that I will have to charge shipping on top of that to have it be still be a fundraiser unless you are local to me enough that we can arrange pick-up (which I would gladly do!) I hope there is a home somewhere for this blanket. ;-)

The next picture shows the super cute monkey blanket that Chad LOVES. In fact, the reason that the blanket looks so strange in this photo is because Chad is burrowed under-neath it, enjoying the softness and warmth. If you look really closely, you can tell that his head is under the pillow and the rest of his body is under the blanket!

Pending Sale

And here is the reverse side--what jungle fun--crocodiles! And oh my--there's a bit more of the Chad-man peeping out!

I had to throw those other photos in for fun--here is a more official photo.

Pending Sale

This blanket is approximately 49 inches long and 36 wide. Asking $30.00 for it, plus shipping.

And the last one . . . a small blanket that is just right for keeping in the car to throw over the legs, or to use for someone who is in a wheelchair or even to cover a child in a car seat . . . this one is so soft and thick and warm! And who can resist these very cute turtles? The back reverses to a cream.

Just right to snuggle under while you look at a book, according to Chad!

Pending Sale

Pending Sale

Reverses to cream on the back.
Pending Sale

Asking #15.00 for this blanket, plus shipping.

If anyone wants these for Christmas presents, I will do my best to ship them out as fast as I possibly can, if you let me know. Thank you!


Bogaranty├║ said...

Dear Hope Anne, as we are starting a week or two of Holiday gift ideas. I'd like to ask you to do a guest blog about some of the things you have for sale and your etsy shop, if you don't mind. That way we can reach even more people with the news about your etsy shop.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Dear Bogarantyu, I'd love to do that. Let me know what you want me to do specifically. ;-) Appreciate all your support SOOO much!

Tom Hardy said...

Great blankets! I have been looking for cheap blankets for sale like this for my brothers new baby! But are they pretty easy to make or do you have to know what you are doing?