"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Friday, December 31, 2010

Mary Englebreit Teacup Pincushion

We rescued this sweet little Mary Englebreit teacup and saucer from a boring life on the shelf at the thrift store. On the bottom of the saucer it says "ME" in block letters inside a square, and then under that, "Andrews McMell Publishing  Kansas City   Made in Taiwan   and copyright ME Ink"

Just check out the super fun details of this particular item!

                                                                Time for Tea!

                                                                     Lovely hand-beaded pins

Fun details like buttons and ribbon!

And "bobble trim"!

All this loveliness can be yours for $18.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. And like always, it goes to HELP BRING KATYA HOME! Leave a comment if you want to purchase this sweet Mary Englebreit set.

Winter Teacup Pincushion

In case you want to see some snaps of the creative process . . . . I will share these of Charity, hard at work on a teacup pincushion soon to make it's appearance on this blog.

I frankly could NOT do this without the support and help of all my family, but an especially large chunk of this crafting falls on Charity. Always blessed with an obvious talent for crafting from the time she was a wee little girl, Paul and I often marveled that as un-creative as we felt, that a child of ours could be so creative! I would have to say that my creative abilities HAVE developed some over the last few years, but I still depend on Charity. She seems to have the talent to do amazing things with whatever she sets her hands and mind to. We make a good team--she calls me the "Visionary" because she has a harder time seeing how something could look in her mind's eye--but she has the talents to get what I describe to her into existence. And she can do that MUCH better than I can. We are thanking God for the various gifts He has given us and how we can work together to accomplish what God has called us to do--to save a life--Katya's life!

And now, on to the "Winter Teacup Pincushion".

Isn't that little red cardinal just the sweetest touch? I think so--and that was Charity's idea!

Comes complete with hand-beaded pins as shown.

Made with all new materials, except for the teacup and saucer, in our non-smoking home. Made carefully, and intended to be a "one of a kind" item.
Asking $18.00 plus $5.00 shipping if purchased as shown. If you don't wish to purchase the pins, then the price is $3.00 less. We accept PAYPAL or personal checks (after they clear) and ship promptly, weather and health allowing!

List of Items Still for Sale

Here is the current list of what is for sale:

#1. The Pink Fleece Blanket for $35.00 plus shipping. Says "I love Grandma" on one side, and has the pink plaid on the other. Made from 100% new fleece in our non-smoking home by Charity and myself.

The very vintage Sunday School Reward cards--29 of them if I can count still correctly, for $21.00 plus shipping. That works out to less than 75 cents a piece.

And this sweet, vintage chrochet pattern book in gently used condition for $12.00 and THAT includes postage.

And last but not least, the Teacup Pincushions that I blogged about last night--you can scroll down to the previous two posts to see info on those. We are working HARD to try to raise funds to bring Katya home. We do not know how urgent her medical situation is, but we suspect that is of some urgency given that she has NO SPEECH, and we know that a Dx like hers can put enough pressure on the brain to prevent speech. Please prayerfully consider helping to rescue this little girl. She deserves so much better than what she has!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

FOR SALE--Sweet Roses Teacup Pincushion and Beaded Pins

A week or two ago, I went to the thrift store, praying that God would direct me to items I could use to help raise funds to bring Katya home. Imagine my surprise to find a whole box full of NOTHING but the Gibson Rose teacups and saucers! I stood--stared--and pondered. Did I dare risk bringing that whole box full home? Would they sell if Charity and I turned them into tea cup pincushions?? I finally decided to step out in faith and bring them home--all 15 of them!

Tonight Charity and I had the pleasure of producing the following set. Given that I'm a pink roses sort of person, it truly made me happy to work with this beauty!

So dainty and unique!

The pricing is $18.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Made in our non-smoking home of all new materials EXCEPT for the cup and saucer.

Don't you think we are going to have fun making 15 of these in 15 different ways?! I think so!!
Please help spread the word about the items going up for sale--we are working as HARD AS WE CAN to raise the funds we need to BRING KATYA HOME to give her the love and attention and medical care she needs so urgently!

FOR SALE--Blue and White Teacup Pincushion

Charity has done it again . . . another gorgeous teacup pincushion, enhanced with beaded pins! For the love of her sister of the heart, Katya, Charity has poured her time and energy into this project.

Check out the details.

The bottom of the saucer says, "INDIES Made in England by Johnson Brothers
A genuine hand engraving
Detergent and Acid Resisting
Dishwasher safe Ironstone."

This lovely item can grace your home, or be a wonderful gift for someone you love. Asking $18.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling if purchased with all the pins shown. $15.00 plus shipping ($5.00) if purchased without any pins. Made in our non-smoking home to raise funds for KATYA!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And the Winner Is . . . .

JEN STEVENS! Please send me a message and you will be getting a package soon with yummy Bloomer's Chocoates! Thanks to all who helped . . . every new person hearing about our blog is important!! Every donation--no matter how small is VERY important! Every sale of listed items is important!! Please continue to spread the word about Katya and her urgent need to get home!!

GOOD NEWS--we were contacted by a sweet family recently and they told us that we had been on their hearts and minds a lot. After discussing it as a couple and as a family, they decided they wanted to have Katya be their mission project for this coming year. They have committed to donating several stained glass pieces each month that they will be making for us to sell to help raise funds for Katya's adoption expenses!! What a huge and amazing blessing that phone call was to us!! So stay tuned--we should soon have some gorgeous stained glass items up for sale, with new ones coming in each month for the next while!!

Charity and I are also working on some new hand-crafted items to put up to sell . . . and there are still a few things in the Etsy shop that haven't sold yet if anyone wants to take a peek there.

I know I said I wasn't able to share *why* the 29th was an important day in my previous post, but I have done some checking around and it seems it should be OK to share . . . The reason the 29th is important is because it's Katya's birthday. She turned six today . . . alone and un-celebrated. No family. No cake. No presents. It has been a hard day for all of us for that reason, but pray God, it's the last birthday she has in that situation!! Six of them already has been six wayyy too many . . .

Anyway . . . that's why I wanted to do the drawing today. It's Katya's birthday.
We were able to ship off our precious packet of documents and info to USCIS before we went out of town to spend Christmas with some family. We tracked the package and it got there safely before Christmas. Today we checked and the check was cashed yesterday! That means, we are told, that we should soon get an appointment for the FBI fingerprinting for all the adult members in the household! PROGRESS!
In other not-so-good news . . . . we have not gotten our letter from the bank that we MUST have. And so far, no luck turning up a CPA willing to do the "Employment Verification" letter that is required since Paul is self-employed . . .  These few pieces of paper seem to be VERY difficult to wrest out of anyone . . . and we haven't even STARTED on the county requirements yet! Yikes! Defintiely could use some prayers about those pieces of paper . . . because the adoption can NOT happen without them--and without them done "properly" according to the laws of Katya's country.

We also found out that our baby sitter we had lined up to care for the children while we are out of the country isn't going to be able to baby sit for us, so we could use prayers that a new arrangement would present it self. I feel peace that God has a very good plan for our family in this regard. It's just going to be interesting to see exactly what it is!

So . . . onward and forward with fundraising and trying to assemble our dossier!! God hasn't given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind! We are thankful for that as we proceed with our adoption process!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Give Away--for USA readers

I love my blog readers. Your comments encourage me. Seeing that you are following our blog inspires me. Knowing you are shopping our blog and Etsy shop fill me with gratefulness. Donations make me positively giddy! (Yes, I'll be honest about that--they do! You could ask my family if you don't believe me. . . ).

So . . .as much as I wish I could really thank each and every one of you personally and with a gift . . . I can't. Realistically speaking, I just can't. But our entire family appreciates it . . . so much!

And so, we want to offer a tiny token of our gratitude. So . . . I'm having a give-away for USA readers. There are several ways you can be entered to win something that is delightful on a winter day--or any day, if you ask me--CHOCOLATE! Made by the Bloomer Chocolate Factory! Yes, do go check out the link and drool! But don't spend too much time drooling! Get it done so you can go do one or more things to get your name added to the give-away drawing!

#1. Share about Katya's blog on your Facebook and ask your FB friends to check us out.

#2. Blog about us with a link to Katya's blog.

#3. Make a donation to Katya's fund through Reece's Rainbow OR through our PayPal button on the right hand side bar. (Both buttons are there).

#4. Officially begin following us.

Do one or two or all  three of those things, and leave me an email on this post telling what you did, and giving me a way to contact you via email. For each thing you do, I will put your name into the basket one time. So if you FB and donate, your name goes in twice. If you blog, facebook, AND donate, three times, and so on.

And then . . . HURRAY! SOMEONE will get BLOOMERS CHOCOLATES! ;-)

Doesn't that look YUMMY?!

All Time Favorite Assortment

I wish so much I could extend this offer to my international readers, but I know the cost of shipping even a small item would be prohibitive for us right now when as much money as we can needs to go into Katya's fund. On the other hand . . . you are still welcome (and it would be forever appreciated!) if you would share the word about Katya's blog and her urgent need for a family anyway out of the sheer goodness of your hearts. . .  I know I have some VERY supportive international readers who have been doing so already, and if there are others who wish to help, you are more than welcome to do so.

Waiting to see how many people leave a comment with their info (just ONE comment per person, please--if you want to comment again, please pull your first comment so I don't get confused about how many people are participating! Thank you!)

The drawing will be held on December 29th, so all entries need to be in there. And yes, there is a very significant reason I chose the 29th . . . but you'll have to wait until Katya is officially ours before I can announce THAT on this blog!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You and More

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Those words seem inadequate to express the appreciation in our hearts for the help you have given us in our quest to adopt Katya! People have bought items from our blog and our Etsy Shop. People have blogged about our fundraiser items. Some people have made outright donations. Many of you (maybe all of you?) are praying hard for the adoption process to go quickly, for the funds to come in, for the timing of every thing, and for sweet Katya to remain in her orphanage, not be moved to the institution before we can get there to save her life.

ALL of it is appreciated! ALL of it is NEEDED.

We can take care of Katya after she is home. We can't come up with $25,000 on our own in just a few short months. Katya needs to get home so she can be evaluated. She may urgently need surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain--we don't know yet, but as I posted earlier, she may very well need that. We do know she isn't talking, and that the Doctors who evaluated her as well as they could over a year ago told us that they believed the indent in her skull bones ABOVE THE SPEECH CENTER OF HER BRAIN. could very well be hindering her from being able to speak. Katya will be 6 THIS MONTH. Imagine being 6 and not able to speak--not one word. Imagine further . . . and imagine that you are ripped from the only home you have ever known and are moved to a mental institution where you are shoved into a bed and told to lay there and be quiet. And if you--active, bright child that you are--get up out of bed, you are roughly drugged and tied into your bed. Strapped down. Day after day. If you are lucky, you have a bowl of gruel poured down your throat once or twice a day. No toys. No stimualtion other than what you can provide for yourself by chewing on your fingers or banging your head.

THAT friends, is what we are FIGHTING against time about . . . we don't have a lot of time to fundraise so we appreciate ALL your help.

Now . . . here's the point to all this ranting . . .   (yes, I know you were wondering!)  We have had so many orders for the owl scarves (YES!) that we needed to go out and purchase some more fabric! In fact, we bought up the last 2 yards that were on the bolt! So . . . I'm asking . . . would you please place some orders for scarves? ;-) They are $7.00 a piece, plus shipping. Depends on how many you want, and how they are shipped what the shipping costs will be.

These scarves are made carefully and lovingly in our non-smoking home. And they will go to help bring Katya HOME!!

People ask us if we are "ready for Christmas" and I just laugh . . . Christmas? We have hardly had time to think about Christmas in the traditional sense of what people usually mean by that phrase. We've been too busy with doing all that needs done to try to bring Katya home to do more than slap a wreath on the front door. LITERALLY, that is IT in terms of winter decorating. No bowls of ornaments, no ornaments hanging from the chandeliers. No lights, no piney wreaths. We haven't had time to wrap presents or things like that.

But in the midst of all this craziness . . . there is true joy in my heart. And I have pondered often the true meaning of Christmas. And I think Jesus would feel right at home here at our house. He would understand sacrficing to save a life. He would understand doing without so that others may have. He would understand working hard to accomplish something huge and big and important in the life of another person.

Yup. I think He would really "get it". And that makes me happy  . . . and maybe the true "Spirit of Christmas" is here in our home this year. I like to think it is. When I see Charity working long hours to help craft the items we are selling, I see the spirit of Jesus shinning through her. When Todd washes extra dishes so Charity is free to sew, I see the spirit of Jesus. When Paul hunches over the table, measuring and cutting the fleece into the scarf strips for me to then measure, cut and fringe, I see the unselfish love Jesus wants us to show. When Kristina sits and painstakingly beads spider legs for Charity to craft into the spider ornaments, I see Jesus and His Joy in Giving. Because Kristina really, truly is HAPPY to be helping bring Katya home. She knows first-hand what it is like to be an orphan, and the wonderful change that has come into her life since she has a family. She WANTS to work hard and help bringing Katya home. And when Chad chooses to do without things he really would like, and when he races around the house turning off lights to "save money for Katya", I see in him the heart that Jesus wants us to have. When he gets agitated and tells us, "You need to HURRY and get Katya--she is sad without us!" I see Jesus' love lighting up his life.

Yes, I think the Spirit of Christmas has come to our home . . . and it's wonderful.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Update on What is Still for Sale!

Here is the current list of what is for sale:

#1. The Pink Fleece Blanket for $35.00 plus shipping

The very vintage Sunday School Reward cards--29 of them if I can count still correctly, for $21.00 plus shipping. That works out to less than 75 cents a piece.

And this sweet, vintage chrochet pattern book in gently used condition for $12.00 and THAT includes postage.

Thank you to EVERYONE who shared about our items for sale tonight. I could hardly believe how fast things started flying out of our Esty shop (check the right hand sidebar for the link to our shop) and off our blog! Charity and I are going to be busy tomorrow! There are lambs to sew, items to package and soon, trips to the Post Office to make! Thank you very much! Please continue to share with others about this blog . . . we have a made a great start towards the funds we need for Katya, but I know we have a long way to go yet, so please ask your friends to check us out! Spreading the word AND most of all, praying for Katya and us, are very, very good ways to help that cost nothing more than your time! And they are VERY, VERY important--both of them! God bless all the kind and caring people who went shopping tonight--and all the ones who have done it previously!

"Please Buy Me!"

UPDATE--thanks to FB friends spreading the word, we have several items already "Pending Sale"--that was FAST--THANK YOU!!! Please check out the items still for sale here, as well as in a previous post.

Only ONE hand-beaded spider ornament left! "Please buy me!"

Pending Sale

Pending Sale

This handmade spider ornament is intended to hang on your tree for Christmas (or if you do like we do, and observe the Russian tradition of a "New Year's Tree" and keep your Christmas separate, then hang it on your New Year's Tree!)

Asking $8.00 for this spider, plus $2.50 shipping, unless you want it Priority Mail--in that case, $4.50  A blog reader that purchased two of the spiders reported that she was "stunned" when she pulled the spiders out of the box at how beautiful they were. She'd originally planned to give both of them away, but instead decided to keep one for her family. That is what we like to hear!


Pending Sale

There are THREE fleece scarves like the one available for sale at $7.00 apiece, plus shipping. They are warm, soft, and pre-washed 100% fleece that is machine washable and dryable.  Just perfect for little girls,  with the popular owls that are so "in" this year. Approximately 43 inches long from fringe to fringe, and  9 inches wide.


Large lot of vintage/antique Sunday School Reward Cards

I have raided my shelves to pull off what I think I can sell to help raise funds to bring Katya home. We had these on hand figuring we would eventually incorporate them into a craft or scrapbooking project, but I would much rather move them on out now and have the money to help Katya come home! As nearly as I can tell by researching prices on these types of cards, they typically run around $1.00 a card or more if sold online. Some of these cards have a bit of penciling or crayon, as little ones are wont to do. However, in my opinion, they are ALL lovely due to their age! Check out some of the dates!



The colors are still beautiful.

Asking just $21.00 for this lot . . . that is less than 75 cents a card. Shipping will depend on what method you choose. I would suggest Priority Mail due to the fact that these could not easily be replaced if they were lost or damaged in the mail.

And one more item for someone who chrochets! A vintage pattern book. I've seen prices ranging up to around $20.00 for this book. Also as low as $4.00. This one is in very good condition, and it's tempting to ask for the $20.00. However, I think a more fair price is probably $12.00 and that includes shipping via whatever method is cheap and reliable (hopefully). If you want something more than that, let me know!

So many fun ideas!

And that wraps up this post, folks! We hope you find something that you like to purchase, because all proceeds raised will go to help bring Miss Katya in Eastern Europe HOME.

(PS. Yes, we are working on getting another fundraiser set up--this time one for TUPPERWARE! Stay tuned for details after Christmas.)