"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Friday, November 19, 2010

We Need Your Help

As those of you who have hung around people adopting, or been involved in adoption yourselves know, an adoption is NOT cheap. Katya's adoption is projected to cost around $25,000.00. Yes, Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars. Hopefully it will be less than that, but we need to be prepared for approximately that amount.

Sometimes people think that the money is all going to Katya's birth country, and feel shock and maybe some horror. Let me quickly put that idea to rest. MUCH of the money stays right here in our dear US of A in the form of homestudy fees, medical exams, fingerprinting, USCIS fees, authentication fees, apostilling fees, and Fed-Ex fees. Then of course there is the the whole thing of airfare . . . much of which stays right here in this country too! Just our bills for the STATE REQUIRED physicals for the six of us was over $500! And yes, every penny of that has come out of our pocket--that was *after* insurance. While so far we have been able to keep up with the expenses, things are about to get even MORE expensive quickly. We have more physicals required for Paul and myself (these are required by Katya's birth country and involve different forms and procedures than the state-mandated physicals). We also begin collecting more documents, which involves more money.

And  . . . ever ahead of us looms the cost of airfare, lodging and food while we are in-country for a number of weeks. Also the "program fees" that are paid to the people who will be assisting and representing us while we are in Katya's country. They work hard helping parents, and deserve to eat as much as any of us do when we work!

While I'm not stressing too much over the money, I know we DO need to keep working hard to try to collect the funds. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with fundraisers that are feasible for me as a busy homeschool Mama. I'm not a door-to-door sales woman, and my teens have flat out refused to attempt doing that again, as it doesn't seem to work well in this part of the world. (Trust me, we tried in the past multiple times when we were trying to adopt Kristina's best friend in Russia!) Trying to pick up a part-time job was something else I considered, and then finally rejected . . . my children still need me too much to attempt that and expect it to have any good ending. Our fundraisers are doing a little bit, but it's not enough. Not enough fast enough. Our state's economy is poor, and I definitely see how it affects our fundraisers.

Thanks to a homeschooling friend that is a jewel, a group that is doing a fundraiser got in touch with us this week to see if we would like to participate in THEIR fundraiser. For a $10.00 donation to THEIR cause, we can have a place to set up a table and sell baked goods and craft items on the 3 and the 4th of December--and we can keep the money from what we sell.

 am excited about this new possibilty God has opened up for us! I don't know how much we'll be able to come up with to sell for two days in the short amount of time we have, but I'm trusting that God will guide us to what would be most profitable to sell, and then provide customers.

Back when we were attmepting to adopt Kristina's best friend (which fell through when Kristina's friend was placed with a foster family in her own country), my Great Aunt donated an afghan she designed and crocheted herself to us, in hopes that it would help raise funds for that adoption.

She was all of 89 years old when she crocheted the afghan, and when she gave it to us, she was 93 and still living independently!

With her permission, we are now listing that afghan for sale here on our blog. When it sells, all proceeds after shipping will go to help with Katya's adoption expenses.

Isn't it lovely?!

Chad thought it was really warm and cozy!

This lovely afghan is approximately 50 inches wide, and around 73 inches long. It is machine wash and dry, made from acrylic yarn. The colors are bright and vivid just as shown in the top photo. (The one with Chad is not true to color!)

This afghan is very special because this year my Great Aunt had a stroke and is no longer able to crochet. So it would be easy to keep it . . . but I want Katya more. My Great Aunt is no longer able to easily communicate with us due to her stroke, but she knows we are in the process of trying to adopt again, and has sent her prayers and best wishes wending their way to us through her daughter who cares for her now. Aunt Eunice said that she thinks we should get at least $50.00 for the afghan. What do you think we should get?? I'm going to open it up to my readers and ask for a suggested price!

And yes, even if you give me your suggested price, I still need your help . . . for one more thing . . . will you help pray and spread the word about this blog so that others can find it?? Who knows who the buyer for this afghan will be . . . hopefully someone who will cherish this afghan that was so carefully made and donated for the love of a child who needs a family!


Monica @The Mennobrarian said...

I would say more like $75, but if you were going to auction it, a $50 reserve price would be appropriate. Admittedly, I cringe over you selling this! It's so special.
And that is so exciting to hear about the table you can have to sell things for a couple days!

Hevel said...

Last year when we were fundraising for the Armenian adoption we baked and sold gingerbread house kits. They are pretty fast to make, and can be sold with a nice margin to raise funds. Just an idea...

I'd say that an afghan like that brand new sells around $120 at the Shuk, so I'd agree with $75 being more apropriate.

Sylvia MiaSara Truewell said...

I agree with the others -- at least $75. That was the number that came to mind when I read it, before even reading the other comments.

You and your girls seem quite crafty and good at baking; why don't you sell your wares at craft fairs? Go to CraftLister.com -- they list tons of craft fairs. I used to sell my own wares this way; it's easy to take home a few hundred dollars per event. Though you need to be careful and avoid events with high registration fee -- I never paid more than $35-$45 per each day of the event (so that would be $70-$90 for a 2-day event) -- you need to, at minimum, break even. But fresh baked goods for humans and pets are always popular. And of course, handmade craft items. It's incredibly fun too! I'll bet you could also get quite a few donations if you put up a framed photo of Katya and another frame with info about your adoption and Katya.

And, if you're the organizer type, you can host an event of your own. That would be a huge fundraiser. Many of the craft fairs that I did were fundraisers; all crafters are asked to make a donation of their wares for auction or raffle at the event. And, of course, there's the revenue from the registration fees and it's a wonderful opportunity to gather donations!! There's just the matter of finding a venue.

That's what I'd do!