"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Are Grateful

Moments after posting my last blog post, I was contacted by a reader of my blog, and told that they would happily pay us $100 for the afghan--one one condition--that we kept it!! As soon as we receive their check, the fundraising thermometer will be updated to reflect that amount.

I can not tell you HOW blessed and grateful we are for this. To be able to keep that afghan that my Great Aunt crocheted for Katya is very, very special to us! My Great Aunt knows and her daughter has told us how happy it made her to know that it raised money for Katya AND that Katya will get to keep some of her handwork.

Thank you to our kind reader . . . . there are good people in this world . . . we are blessed to be in touch with so many of you through the wonderful medium of the 'net!! God bless our reader who was so willing to be sacrificial for the sake of a child.

STAY TUNED--the next item coming up for sale is a QUILT, PILLOW SHAMS, and PILLOW CASES that all go together!! Again, these were items that were prepared for our adoption attempt of Kristina's friend, and when that fell through, we kept them since we were pretty sure God wasn't done adding to our family quite yet. I believe God saw and knew that we wouldn't have a lot of time to raise funds for this adoption, so He prepared a few items for us to have on hand and readily available.


And now, major, major prayer request:

It's been announced officially that the vote in Ukra*ne pertaining to adoption and the adoption process is slated for their offical meeting that is to take place December 14-17. Please, please be covering this vote in prayer . . . the lives of so many kids are in the balance here if the vote goes through as currently written!! Remember, it is slated to completely STOP all adoptions--even those in process--if it goes through as written while the country reformats it's adoption process to a Hague compliant only status. It is unknown how long this moratorium could last, but even a single month is too long (and having watched adoption for a handful of years now, I would guess that a month is a very, very minimal estimate--6 months or more could easily be more realistic, in my opinion.)


Teacher Girl said...

How wonderful! Praying for the vote!


Monica @The Mennobrarian said...

I will definitely be praying for that vote. It is something that I think about often, and how worried all those prospective parents may be and how those poor unknowing children will have to spend more time away from their new families. One extra day is too much. ~Monica