"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thinking . . . .

 . . . that I'm so grateful for those who prayed for our health and well-being. The children all woke up amazingly improved this morning over what they were when they went to bed. And so far the rest of us are well still--please keep praying for health.

 . . . that it's encouraging to see the total climbing on the thermemter to the right of the blog. Have you noticed that it's climbing?? And soon I will be able to add to it the amount we raised in the Pampered Chef fundraiser--around $80 or so my friend tells me.

 . . . that even though I had thought I'd be sewing some clothing that I thought my children needed before Christmas (bigger PJ's for Chad and a few things for Kristina--like a much needed denim skirt), I'm willing to let them do without a little longer. Why?? So that I can devote my time to crafting for the FUNDRAISER FOR KATYA. Yes, I dearly love my current children and want to meet their needs. But at this point, her needs are greater than theirs, and she has been waiting OVER FIVE YEARS for someone to care about *her* needs and to DO SOMETHING. My children are used to having their needs met--they understand being patient and waiting.

 . . . that I'm very grateful for the help of Charity, Kristina and yes, even Chad, as we try to prepare for something that is new--something that pushes us out of our comfort zones--the craft fundraiser! Kristina has been stringing beads on wire for a project Charity is working on--Chad wanted SOOO much to help and was sad that he couldn't, so Kristina put him to work picking out the bead colors (beads are strung randomly). The finished product will be a spider ornament for trees. Katya's birth country has a nice story about spiders on trees, and so we have hung a spider on our "New Year's Tree" for the last two years as we prayed for her.  (We do a New Year's Tree to honor our Dd's Russian traditions, rather than a Christmas tree.)  Charity is hoping to make at least 6 of these ornaments to sell at the craft bazaar.

 . . . that we would still appreciate a lot of prayers going up for strength and speedy hands. We are running out of TIME . . . and it's easy for me to start feeling panicky and like we don't have enough stuff to even be worth trying to sell it . . . that people will not buy  . . . or will grumble about our prices . . . I KNOW Satan is trying to discourage us. I don't want to be discouraged! I want to be full of faith and courage!

The song below, "How Firm a Foundation" is one that has been a comfort to me during some hard times in life . . . tonight as I was searching through my mental bank for a song that would encourage me, this one came to me again. I tried to get it to display in this post, but it's determined tonight to do it's own thing. Enjoy it anyway!

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