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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Sobering, Yet Encouraging, Read

What does the November 17 Woman's Day magazine have to do with our adoption of Katya?! Well, there is a very sobering, yet encouraging true story in it called "Saving Jordan" with a subheading that reads, "My son, the Internet, and a diagnosis that changed his sisters life" by Tammy Harrow. I encourage anyone who cares about Katya and her adoption process to get and read it.

Read it, bearing in mind that one of Katya's diagnosises IS craniosynostosis, just like little Jordan's in the account by her Mom. Jordan's situation was blown off and totally missed by her pediatrician. When she was almost 2 years old, her older brother "diagnosed" her condition by searching for clues on the internet. Eventually they ended up under the skilled hands of Dr. Ben Carson, the world famous surgeon. (Ever read "Gifted Hands"? If not, may I recommend it most strongly to you?!)

Incredible pressure had built up in Jordan's brain due to the deformity of her skull plates, and the day after her first CT scan, Dr. Carson called Jordan's family to give them the bad news and let them know that surgery was urgently needed.

3 days after the surgery, she began to spontaneously TALK. In days she was talking like a normal 2 year old. "All the words just came flooding out, as if they had been stuck in her head the whole time. Dr. Carson told us she was now able to to speak because the pressure had been released from the frontal lobe of her brain."

Chills run up and down my body and tears fill my eyes as I type those words. Friends, Katya has no speech the last we knew. The Doctor who examined Katya in Ukraine told me that one of the major depressions in her head is above the speech center of the brain, and she was theorizing that once that was fixed, Katya would be able to learn to speak. This Woman's Day article gives me hope, but also makes me realize the URGENCY of Katya's situation in a deeper and fuller way.

Please pray for the door to stay open for Katya's adoption. Pray that her life can be spared--that she can come HOME to Mommy and Daddy and her siblings and have the procedures she needs to fix her head so that she too can be free from the pressure on her little brain. . . . Please, will you pray with me? Spread the word about Katya and our blog. Ask people to check out our Pampered Chef fundraiser or consider donating through our FSP page on Reece's Rainbow.  http://reecesrainbow.org/sponsordueck  Katya too needs to be given a chance to have a way to communicate with others!

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