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Saturday, November 27, 2010


When we were at relatives over Thanksgiving, I made sure that our fundraiser quilt was taken along and photographed. I hope the following photos will bring us a buyer for this lovely 100% cotton fabric, hand-quilted quilt. We purchased the fabric, and kind friends helped to create and quilt this lovely set. It is brand new, and stored in our non-smoking home.

The set includes the Queen/King sized quilt, 2 matching pillow shams, and two pillowcases. In addition, I am throwing in the leftover fabrics--there is a good bit of the red left that could be used to make a bedside table cover or perhaps a valance for a window, or some additional pillows. There's a bit of white left that could be incorporated, and some of the "points" like you will see around the edges of the pillows (and also on all the edges of the quilt EXCEPT for the top edge that goes up around your face--we didn't want people feeling "tickled" every time they pulled the covers up. The back of the quilt is the solid red, and would work well as a "Christmas quilt, and the top looks festive for any time of year, but perhaps especially so for a 4th of July lover. ;-)

I personally love the color combo (after all, I chose it!) so I hope someone else out there likes it enough to purchase it for the worthy cause of helping to bring a little girl who so longs for another kiss HOME to her Mommy who will gladly kiss her many times a day! Long time readers of my personal blog will recogize the reference to the event I related after I was home from our missions trip--for those who don't know, I will quickly explain. We were allowed to come to Katya's gruppa the last day so the Drs. could work on her while she was laying down resting during nap time. She was wide awake, but laid quietly in her bed. I had stayed down in the downstairs praying for them while they worked, but after they were done, they came and got me and took me up saying that they wanted me to tell her "Good-bye" since she was awake. I pulled the covers up around her little shoulders, leaned down and kissed her cheek as I told her again in her language that I loved her and good-bye. She looked up at me with the MOST PLEADING LOOK in her blue, blue eyes and then made little kissing motions with her lips! I leaned over, kissed her several more times, and she looked happy and satisfied. That tears at your heart-strings?? Yeah, mine too. Enough so that I want this beauty to sell--and FAST . . . . There's a little girl waiting for her Mommy and Daddy!

So, the quilt set!

And now the pillowcases and pillow shams!

Turned down and just waiting for whoever is ready for a good night's sleep!
Doesn't it look nice against the lovely headboard that my brother-in-law made?!

Contact us if you are interested in buying this quilt set to help bring Katya home to her Mommy and Daddy, brothers and sisters! We are asking $1,000 and that includes shipping to any state in the "lower 48". If you are in Alaska or Hawaii, please expect additional shipping charges.
We realize this is a lot of money, however, as we said, we personally purchased all the fabric that went into this, the quilt set is hand quilted, and it IS for a fundraiser. We are trusting that God will bring this quilt to the attention of whoever He knows can afford to buy it. Feel free to help by spreading the word on your blogs, facebook and via emails. We will also be putting the set out for sale at our craft bazaar the weekend of December 3 and 4th so if you are local to us, look for it there if it hasn't already sold here!

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Dana said...


Check out this link. There is a book by Mem Fox that you need to read to Katya! It is called 10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes and it is PRECIOUS! She talks on the video clip above about how she wrote this fabulous little children's book and then she reads the book. It is perfect for the story that you told of kissing Katya and tucking her in. Gives me chills!

The quilt is lovely! I hope it brings even more than you hope for!

My little Collin and I prayed for Katya tonight!