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Friday, November 12, 2010

Lots of Small, But Eventful Things . . .

We have had several "small" but really eventful things happen in the last few days.

#1 isn't really so small, though it's probably small in the overall adoption process. But our initial batch of documents were submitted--and accepted IN SPITE OF A STRANGE SNAFU (which was out of our control) with an aspect of the paperwork that normally would have caused huge issues! ALOT of prayers were sent up regarding that particular problem by many people. God graciously answered, and the paperwork was accepted as it was. THANK YOU GOD!

#2. Word is being sent to the Director of Katya's orphanage about our intentions to adopt her. Since the medical team and I seemed to establish some good rapport with the orphanage staff last year when we were there, I felt it was very important that the Director know that we ARE working hard to get to Katya. I hope it put joy into her heart. She's a good woman, I believe, and truly cares for the children in her charge.

#3. Todd turned 18 this week and was duly fingerprinted as part of our home study process. That means we have now completed all that we can do for the home study process, as far as I know.

Now for some prayer requests:

#1. Pray for the clearances to come back QUICKLY so our home study can be wrapped up.

#2. Please continue to pray for our fundraisers, and spread the word about our fundraisers. We are hoping and praying to be able to submit come Feb. and the time to raise funds is VERY limited, esp. in light of all that we have going on. I am not alarmed--I know God knows where the cattle on a thousand hills are, and I know He knows FULL WELL exactly where the cash is too! Praise Him!

#3. There are some complications with getting some of the paperwork we need for our dossier. People that we can't control need to cooperate for us to accomplish what Katya's country requires. Pray that God will direct us and give us wisdom, and help us to find favor with the right officials.

#4. And this is a minor prayer request, but important nonetheless. Please pray that God will lead us to the right vehicle for our family, as we will need a larger one with the addition of Katya to our family.

Thank you!

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Teacher Girl said...

Lots of prayers headed your way! Great news that the documents were accepted!